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February 29, 2008


Allow me to break in here and mention there is a newly discovered Velvet Underground bootleg recording from 1967. Ordinarily I'd just nod to myself give it a listen and not mention it, but two and a 1/2 things stand out here.
1/2 - it's encoded at a nice high bit rate (250 vbr), and the quality is surprisingly good for a 40 (!) year old bootleg just uncovered, especially considering it was likely recorded on acetate.
2 - The version of Sister Ray, which clocks in just under 19 mins, kicks seven kinds of ass (Run Run Run is pretty sweet as well, classic VU)
1 - THERE IS A NEW SONG!, ok, without caps, there is a song, in good quality, previously unknown of. "I'm not a young man anymore"

Alrighty, by now either you are now bored, or want to know where to get it. Get it here

Garfield Minus Garfield.

"Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life? Friends, meet Jon Arbuckle. Let’s laugh and learn with him on a journey deep into the tortured mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness in a quiet American suburb."


The goatse.cx lawyer has informed us that we need a warning! So.. if you are under the age of 18 or find this photograph offensive, please don't look at it. Thank you!

Photo 29.jpg

If you don't get it then you might just suck at the internet. This post is for fondune, sjixxy and steve. w00t!

February 28, 2008

Hey, look:

There's an article about the Gunflint Trail in the New York Times.



Music by Leane Perius & Jessica Myshack at 8!

Lake Pooperior

Let me get this straight: we can get $40 million from the MN legislature for a F'ing hockey rink, but we can't get $13 million to stop putting poop in the lake?

Double-you tee eff.

I [Heart] Engineers


Came across this while googling "pennies." (Also just noticed that my spell checker recognizes "googling.")

Mother Jones List of Music Used to Torture Detainees.



I don't remember anyone mentioning this. Comments?

I personally thought the use of a Meow Mix commercial was creative.


I am having NO LUCK in my attempts in locating a DULUTH ESKIMOS LOGO

{Preferably something LARGE/High-resolution}

Any suggestions or links outside of the typical google-image-search
would be appreciated.

Thanks! Duluth

Homegrown band registration reminder


Midnight on Saturday is the deadline for bands to register to be considered for a slot in the Homegrown Music Festival. This year is the tenth annual Homegrown, so it's special ... because numbers say so.

The registration form is here.

February 27, 2008

"March" into Mentoring

"March" into Mentoring Kickoff Soup Lunch
Monday, March 3rd, 11:30-1:30, YMCA lobby (302 W 1st St)
Cost: Donations accepted

We are looking for 31 mentors in 31 days. Is it possible? Nearly 200 youth waiting for mentors certainly hope so. Invite a friend to the lunch and find out more about mentoring! For more information, call 722-4745 x 120.

This March, make a difference in a child's life. Become a mentor.

Guess it's time to change my laptop's wallpaper...


Writer William F. Buckley dies at 82
Conservative commentator gained acclaim for intellectual political writings


Not So Funny Now

renegade_logo.jpgThere is a battle going on the funny side of the street between Brian Matuszak, the Renegade Board, and Teatro Zuccone (the Zeppa Foundation backed new owners of the venue at 222 E. Superior St.). It has to do with the terms of the lease and who gets what, especially when it comes to running the box office for Renegade productions. Brian has stated he's willing to resign over the issue. More can be found in this Duluth News Tribune article.

I am one of the Renegade regulars mentioned in the article who got the letter from Sue and I have to say, from the letter, I'm concerned. I contacted one of the board members to get a different point of view, but she didn't want to comment on it, understandably. So, without the board coming forward and giving their point of view on the lease, I'm apt to take Brian's side of things. Hey, Renegade Board, I'm all ears.

February 26, 2008

Big Family Bed...


We're in need of an extension to our family bed...at present, our family futon is getting a little cramped. Fortunately, I have two futons. Unfortunately, I only have one frame. I have our bed temporarily set up in the big bedroom and suffice to say it's pretty much wall to wall bed...which is good, considering the amount of room that Hazel requires to get a good night's sleep.

If anyone has a fairly generic frame of the tri fold variety that they would be willing to part with for free and/or cheap, I'd gladly take it offa your hands.

Bitch Is the New Black

If you are like me and don't watch television much you had no idea to what Starfire was referring. So here's the clip.

February 25, 2008

It's Black History Month. Do you know where YOUR liberators are?

History is a lot more nuanced and less, well, dead, than it's often portrayed in the textbooks and the media.

And something very current:

For Tina Fey.


Printed on a lovely American Apparel short sleeve black T-shirt.

Select Size

February 24, 2008


February 23, 2008



Walter Allen Bennett.

02.22.08 @ 2258

February 22, 2008

Dr. Evil Presents the Six O'Clock News

*cough cough*


You need a cup of my Java...

February 21, 2008

How To Lick A Pussy

poosay licking

Fast food employer with a heart

kfc web sm.JPG
KFC in Superior WI

February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse


It's started. Go out and take a look.

Dear Inside of My Car Door and Office Hallway Door:

I've got a favor to ask yas: How 'bout NOT electrocuting my damned arm with a
Thirteen Freaking Thousand Kilovolt shock each time I touch your metal handles this winter, mmm-KAY?!?! THAY-hanks!!!

Seven Incredibly Specific Dating Sites


From MentalFloss.com.

Orpheum Nightclub this weekend....


No Cover....

PBS Channel 8 wants to broadcast your films

This is off the local PBS station's website.
"Duluth public television, PBS eight, is seeking films, Smart Films. We are looking for short films from professional and aspiring filmmakers for possible inclusion in a Saturday night broadcast. ... All genres of film will be accepted for review including narrative, documentary, animation and experimental."
The deadline is May 1, and I know they're still looking for stuff. There's more info here:


The Times (London) journalist speaks tonight at UMD

There are a lot of events happening tonight, but if you have an interest in journalism, British politics or Gordon Brown, I highly recommend tonight's presentation by Gerard Baker, United States Editor and Assistant Editor at The Times (London). And I'm not just saying this because it's my job to promote Alworth Institute for International Studies events.

I'm really excited about this guy (Gerard Baker). He held an informal discussion with journalism, writing studies and communications students and faculty last evening, and I found him utterly engaging. Baker will speak this evening on British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the Library Fourth Floor Rotunda at 7 p.m. Given Brown's recent decision to nationalize troubled U.K. mortgage lender Northern Rock, Baker, who previously wrote for the Financial Times and worked at the Bank of England , will be able to offer insight into the consequences Brown's decision will have on the current economic crisis in both the U.K. and the U.S.

Here's the lecture info:
“What Can We Expect Next of Britains Gordon Brown?"
Presented by Gerard Baker, United States Editor/Assistant Editor, The Times (London)
Wednesday, February 20, 2008  7 p.m.
UMD Fourth Floor Library Rotunda
Free & Open to the Public/ Reception Following Lecture

As United States Editor of The Times, Baker has been blogging about the presidential primaries. I really like his journalistic style and his take on American politics.

Another quality I find appealing in Baker is that he's a big Bob Dylan fan, which is one of the reason's he consented to speaking in Duluth.

Brandy! Throw more brandy!

February 19, 2008

A Classic, Homeric in its Dignity

Homer Rembrandt.jpg

Now I want to see the Mona Lisa as interpreted by Matt Groening.

Irwin, we're gonna hafta kill him.

Last year at this time...

was just reading on the DNT site about last year in mid February.. remember? That was when we all had the lake frozen and clear of snow.

Couple of cool pdd posts from then

vicarious photos

Umbrella skate sailing

Ice Cracking

Last winter was pretty hard on the vegetation, what with little snow and super cold temps, but it did produce that magic little span of time

Don't touch it.. it's evilllll!

Yeah, I think the best thing to do is hasten the last instalment on down

The Final Regular DANNY DOES DULUTH Plug


Due to popular demand this is the last time the friendly readers of PDD will get a regular post plugging the award-winning local podcast DANNY DOES DULUTH. Be sure to take full advantage of this dramatic turn of events.

EPISODE 16 - Local Rags: You Get What You Pay For
It's Tuesday! That means it's steak sandwich night at The Elbo Room. Before you go, make sure you download episode 16 of DANNY DOES DULUTH so you have something to listen to on your way there! On today's show:
-Danny got a haircut
-Randy L propositions Danny
-Local Rag Spotlight 1: "Starhawk" is not a real name
-Local Rag Spotlight 2: Amy Zontelli is a genius
-Local Rag Spotlight 3: Duluth City Councilor Vader stops by to discuss The Transistor
And don't forget to call the NEW Danny Does Duluth feedback line at 206-202-0489! Enjoy!


H R Pufnstuf, Jack Wild, and Quisp in Loves Park, IL



Saturday morning in Loves Park, Illinois: HR Pufnstuf and Sigmund the Seamonster, thanks to the psychedelic minds of SId and Marty Kroft.

I still can't get that Sigmund song out of my mind.

February 18, 2008

I await your next command, oh Ironic1!


This would make one of those great second wedding presents where the bride and groom claim they have everything they need... but do they have this?


Siemen Generator Inc. investing 33 ,000,000 dollars to expand it,s windturbine blade plant in Fort Madison, Iowa. In less then a year since opening the new expansion will create 287 new jobs bringing the total work force to 537 with pay of $17.14. I find it ironic that we're not a part of that change.

Duluth Photo Bounty


It is my understanding that a new city council member drives a Hummer.

The Transistor will pay $50 cash money for a photo of city councilor + Hummer. Preferably getting into / out of with a big shit-eating grin.

  • Print-quality photo; color.
  • No Photoshop, suckers.
  • Exclusive right of first release / printing (if you post it on the Interwebs, you're not getting your $50).
  • Contact me for additional details: adam [at] transistormag [dot] com

the name game...

doesn't someone 'round here have a daughter named hazel? i have a hazel hankie for her that i found at an estate sale. i have a number of monogrammed things, (belts, shirts, and such) but none of them have MY name on them. the ironic-ish fun of wearing things with others names on them has worn thin for me. i think we need a swap spot...

maybe the only real beneficiaries of a swap would be guys named bill or tom who need button-up work shirts, but i think it's worth a ponder. thoughts?



Cask of Lake Superior OLD MAN WINTER WARMER to be tapped a 4pm Tuesday the 19th at Hell's Kitchen Duluth.
$3 pints until it's gone

Input desired.


One of my favorite father/son childhood memories is the time we spent together getting my Pinewood Derby car ready for the annual race. For those unfamiliar with the Pinewood Derby Wikipedia can bring you up to speed.

Last week while reading Threadless.com I noticed they were having an adult Pinewood Derby Race called the Threadle Manss and I knew immediately Duluth needed it's own event. So I have done some checking and I found a track for rent. I have a venue in mind and we have a hobby shop that sells cars. My question to the greater PDD community is would you participate? Also since Pinewood Derby is a registered trademark of the Boy Scouts of America we need a good name.

Leave your feedback in the comments and if anyone would be willing to help out a bit with organizing send me an email. I would like to have the first event this spring if at all possible.

From Elephants, to Orangutans, to Dr. Zaius, to...

Jabba on the Dais!

I hereby pass the stream of consciousness baton...

It's all your fault, Baci, for saying "Rock Me, Dr. Zaius." I couldn't get this tune out of my head. Now you can't either.

February 17, 2008

A digital EP release party

wiith the keepaways and others @ Luce' that night, think of this as your pre-HG warm up.

Gauntlet, orangutan style


Rock me Dr. Zaius.

For Ironic & Adam...


S'more Martinis

* 32 ounces vodka
* 16 ounces chocolate liqueur (we used E & J® Cask & Cream Chocolate Temptation)
* 1 64-ounce pitcher
* 1 graham cracker
* 1 jar marshmallow creme (we like Marshmallow Fluff®)
* 16 martini glasses (disposable versions available at party stores)
* 1 bag wooden skewers
* 1 bag miniature marshmallows

Pour vodka and chocolate liqueur into pitcher and stir. Refrigerate for at least several hours until the mixture is very cold.

Crush a graham cracker in a plastic bag, then pour the crumbs into a small bowl.

When no one's looking, dip a finger into the jar of marshmallow creme, then run it around the rims of your martini glasses to lightly coat. Next, dip each glass into the bowl of graham cracker crumbs and shake the bowl gently to cover the marshmallow creme with crumbs. (You can do this the night before the party and stick the prepared glasses in the freezer if you like.)

If you have a grill going (or even better, a firepit or chimenea), offer each guest a wooden skewer and three mini marshmallows to toast over the flame (put the grill on high for the best browning). Note: Although the skewer package may advise soaking the skewers in water for at least 20 minutes, it's not necessary for this use.

Pour about 3 ounces of the drink mixture into each of the prepared glasses and serve, letting each guest slide their roasted marshmallows into their drink for garnish.

Serves 16

Orangutans for you!

This is Markisa and her new baby at the Como Zoo.

HD tuners - Help me choose.

Anyone here have experience setting up and using tuners and/or antennas for HDTV reception? We non-cable folks are expected to make some sort of switch here in the coming year and I'm wondering how our hilly city fares for signal reception and such. Any advice and commentary will be greatly appreciated.

Please and thanks.

where are the elephants?

i noticed there are no results when you search for elephants on PDD. i thought i should remedy that.

Cookie Monster: The Intellectual


Cookie Monster takes the Proust Questionnaire
(link points to a video version of Cookie Monster's recent interview on NPR)

February 16, 2008

Peanut Allergies PSA

I got a new computer yesterday so I'm putting it through its paces and decided to adapt this post to video for your amusement.

Using Corgis for World Domination

feb92008 010.jpg

Our Corgi is looking to find other Corgis in Duluth for a regular play date at the Duluth Dog Park out near the zoo. We happened to run into a Corgi there once and it was hilarious. They had a lot of fun and it would be great to get even more Corgis.

Perhaps we could one day organize an all Corgi team and enter the John Beargrease?

February 15, 2008

more food based wossname

Part 1

Part 2

A chance to be heard!


Imagine this: Common steps up to the mic, the MTV Networks cameras are rolling,
the beat kicks in, millions of viewers are listening to... that's right, YOUR
ORIGINAL LYRICS! It's your chance to educate the folks out there about HIV,
spread the word, in your very own words.

The message is this: It only takes "A Minute" to decide to get an HIV test.

Yet, many people still have not been tested.

One in four Americans living with HIV today doesn't know it. Let's turn that
statistic on its head!

That's where the "A Minute" contest comes in. It's your chance to inspire people
to get tested!

Let's make it happen. Excuses don't count for much, but getting tested does.

If you're between the ages of 13 and 25, it's your time to step-up and
flow-over. We're looking for roots, rock, rhymin' style that inspires.
Proliferations with pro-cause emissions! So get typing, scribbling, texting or
recording! Send us your poems, spoken word, lyrics, rap, or video clips - your
words make a difference.

How to Enter -- What We Need From You:

Write a few lyrics about why it's important to get tested for HIV. Lyrics can be
spoken word, poetry, rap, reggae, indie, punk, emo... whatever your chosen
musical style or genre. Your piece must be one minute or less when performed.
You can submit your lyrics in text, audio or video form. (Please include text
with any audio or video entries.) Ready to submit? Go to "Enter Now!" to enter
the contest and upload your verses. Lyrics must be received between February 14
and March 27, 2008. For more info go to : http://www.aminutecontest.com/

Please share with Duluth's young poets and musicians (age 13 - 25).


We end a week filled with love with a romantic episode of DDD. Snuggle up with your sweetie and listen! On this episode:
-ValentiMe's Day
-Danny vs. Unions
-Danny vs. Unions (part 2)
-The Anti-Bully Magician
-Ask Dr. Ashley


Fish Fry?


Does anyone know where there is a good fish fry in Duluth? I always see the sign for one on grand ave as your heading to the base of Spirit Mt. Any others?

Trivia help please!

Right then, I'm in need of fun/ridiculous/amazing Duluth trivia for a tiny thing I'm doing on the BBC next week. I've got the obvious - Telly Savalas, REM, cold, Bob Dylan, blah blah blah. There's tons I've forgotten, so any suggestions?

February 14, 2008

dancing to a banjo

Hardwood floor shoe stomp.
To beat of rosin thumb pluck bows.
No experience necessary.
Satruday 8-10 or 11ish YWCA

Funny, but no. Rejected Valentines Greetings

February 13, 2008


ice baby.jpg

Celebrate your wiener.


I was inspired by this post to make this T-shirt design. Want one?

A Cordial Invitation


I know adam has already invited you but the fellows of T57 would like to make it extra special with sugar on top. We even have 24 special "treats" to share with our PDD BFFEs .. Tomorrow @ Carmody we'll bring our vibe to the table and give you seconds. While usually we like to try to "hold it back" for the ladies, that night, we might let a little slip out.

As a public service, now for all gigs we'll issue an official T57 color pallete. For Valentines 08 it's


for adam, thats #669784, #fd6a5a, #43311d, and #f963c4

see you there!

February 12, 2008

Happy Darwin Day!


Mike Huckabee would like to wish you a Happy Darwin Day!

I'm joking of course, Mike Huckabee actually does not believe in science...

(and is it just me, or does it seem like his eyes are looking at two different things?)

Headline is funnier than you

On This American Life last Saturday they had stories about tough rooms. My favorite piece was the Onions headline meeting. Basically the writers pitch 600 headlines and if they get at least two votes the headline makes it to the next round. Eventually they narrow it down to 15 headlines for the week. If you have ever read The Onion it is a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes.

So my challenge to you is to pitch some Onion style headlines. Leave them in the comments.

Here is my submission.

Local man buried under his RSS feeds

Come on people I know you can do better than me.

DNT Nostalgia Trip


Andrew Krueger of the DNT has started a new blog called News Tribune Attic, featuring photos of and stories about the Twin Ports from the past. There's stuff from way back of course, but I enjoy the more "recent" news items, such as the thwarted A&W drive-in on Woodland in 1998 or the Grand Avenue Holiday station in 1981.

It'll be nice to see how this progresses.


February 11, 2008

A Thing

A Cabinet thing from Frank and Johnny son:

President: Obama
Vice President: ???
Chief of Staff: ???
Secretary of State: Biden
Secretary of Defense: Powell
Secretary of Interior: Byrd
Secretary of Health and Welfare: Wasserman Schultz
Attorney General: Edwards
Secretary of Education: Teacher of the Year
Secretary of Veteran Affairs: McCain
Secretary of Energy: Richardson
Secretary of Treasury: Warren Buffet
Secretary of Justice: Richard Clarke
Secretary of Commerce: Meek
Secretary of Labor: Levin
Secretary of Treasury: Ron Paul
Secretary of Homeland Security: Dodd
Enviromental Protection Agency: Nader
Secretary of Housing: Boxer
Secretary of Agriculture: Feingold
Secretary of Transportation: Oberstar
National Drug Control: Bill Maher
Office Managment and Budget: Bill Gates
Trade Representative: Lou Dobbs

Harriers Wanted:


So, I'm going out on a limb here to try to establish a Hash Kennel here in Duluth. Hash House Harriers can only be described as a "drinking club with a running problem."

I used to hash when I was in the Navy many many moons ago, and now that I'm sort of interested in picking up the activity again (running), I find myself unable to commit to the more structured "hoity toity" type running groups.

Hashing is a ton of fun, and the more the merrier. It plays out like a follow the leader run with "hares" marking the course with a 10 minute (or so) head start, and the rest of the pack (hashers) in pursuit. There is most always beer and other libations at the completion of the run, and members of the kennel (hash group) get to have nicknames (which, by the by, is the origin of my post handle...in.dog.neato.)

ANYhow...if you're reading this, i've got your interest. I hope.

In order to establish a kennel here, I have to make a couple of trips to a "parent" kennel (i'm talking with a group in the cities.) and do a few runs and then form a group from there.

I'll be filling in on the specifical details as spring arrives...just wanted to generate interest now.

Anyone wanting info...hit me up.

Not Just Virals

I don't really think that PDD is the place for these national campaign things. As long that we're doing it though, I want to point out that the Obama campaign is more than just music videos. There's a real candidate here too.


Someone at Google Likes Us

Well, this summer Google decided to use Duluth in its beta version of Google Transit. Now we're being used as the example city in its new All News Is Local feature.


Once again I thank the tireless eye of my pal Fuzzy for noticing this, even though he lives in Chicago. I think he has serious Duluth envy.

February 10, 2008

Jealousy cannot even begin to describe...


My buddies Rick and Matt with Crispin Glover, who did three nights at Oak Street Cinema two weeks ago. Although it would have been nice if they had LET ME KNOW IT WAS HAPPENING, it's great to see Crispin still out there promoting, and making, independent films.

Take that, Fraser Colorado!


I Falls is now officially the "Icebox of the Nation," legally edging out Fraser CO for bragging rights and the title...

"In 1988, a meteorology professor at St. Cloud State University submitted an affidavit saying Fraser can’t be the nation’s icebox, “because 11 months out of the year its meat would thaw and its ice cream would melt, while throughout the winter all meat and ice cream would be safe in International Falls.”

Incedentally, this morning's low temp in I Falls: -30 with an expected high of -22...and a wind chill of -47 to -44.
Fraser CO: a balmy high of 35, low of 3.

February 09, 2008

Need Polish Donuts...

This last weekend, I had brunch at a Polish Community Center in Milwaukee, and they served Polish donuts from my childhood -- "punchkis" or "pashkeys" or somesuch. (My grandparents pronounced their last name [Budzisz] "boot-ish," so the key to Polish pronunciation is beyond me).

The key: there are two varieties: jelly-filled for the weak, and prune-filled for the strong.

Does anyone know where in Duluth I might find these delectable gems?

David B.

February 08, 2008

As Promised: (Support Our Troop redux)


Think about it:

From today's Wonkette:

And here’s another funny thing: If Barry Obama becomes president, we’ll have a president eight years younger than Sonic Youth’s bassist. Think about it.

Sunday Morning Church of Hockey


Do you suck at hockey? If you do, then you're just the person we are looking for.

Every Sunday morning, when the ice is in suitable condition, there's a pickup game at Irving. People usually start to show up around 9:30, and a game develops by 10 a.m.

Skill levels of the players range from moderate to awful. Young and old, male and female are welcome. We never have goalies, we just shoot at a boot or orange cone inside the nets. We keep the puck on the ice, so you don't need pads, but if you want to tape some magazines to your shins to be safe, go for it.

The Sunday Morning Church of Hockey has been going on since ... well ... before I started playing. The regular group has suffered some defections to the Twin Cities in recent years, so we need some new blood (hopefully not spilled).

All you have to do is show up, throw your stick in, and it's game on.

Irving Park is located in West Duluth at 20 S. 57th Ave. W., near Irving Apartments and the North Pole Bar. There are two rinks there. We usually play on the smaller one.


EPISODE 13-Superior: Come for the drinking, stay for the meth
Has it been a whole week already? Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's only episode of the award-winning Danny Does Duluth! On today's episode:
-A very important and very accurate study
-The runners-up for the new official Superior catchphrase
-Yet another feel-go Duluth story
-DDD at the RNC?
-Danny and Ashley both have Lew Latto clips



i really think we need a "things" category

February 07, 2008

Eco Home Open House

This Sunday, February 10th the Eco Home is having an open house. It's a home demonstrating solar power, and basically everything you could do to make a home sustainable and eco friendly and energy efficient by using green building practices. Come check it out and bring some friends. There is also a lot of other literature about sustainable living and what you can do to reduce energy consumption. Take Superior St. to 52nd Ave East, go up till you get to the dead end, take a right onto Broadwing Drive, take a right onto Snowy Owl Circle, follow to 2809. There will be a big Eco-Home sign. visit www.womenworking.org to see pictures and get more info. Hope to see you there!




Conference features: Dan Rather, Bill Moyers, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Lawrence Lessig(!) and more. "Low-income" early bird registration is $95 (ends March 31st).

Listen to the Vets


Even More Obnoxious Egregious Promotion


new record year for wind power

U.S. wind companies invested nine billion dollars in 2007 building 5244 mw of new wind power facilities enough to power 1.5 million homes. It's a good thing none of that money is coming to Duluth
On the same vein I have been reading the energy platforms of all the canidates. Macain is nuclear as is Romney, Clinton looks like ethanol and Obama coal gasification. They all mentioned real renewables but all voted against that in the last energy bill.

February 06, 2008

American Girl dad is from Duluth


The children's book publisher and doll manufacturing juggernaut American Girl released its newest girl late last year. She is Julie, who is growing up in 1974, and the six-book set of books is written by Megan McDonald.
There are nine American Girls now, each a 9-year-old growing up in a different time and place in the U.S. I've been reading them to my daughter, including Kaya, a Nez Perce girl in 1764, Kirsten, a Swedish immigrant living in Minnesota in 1854, and so on.
And here's my point: Tonight, reading Julie's book No. 2, "Julie Tells Her Story," I read the following surprise. It's while Julie is interviewing her father for a school report.
"'Okay,' said Dad, settling into his favorite chair. 'When I was in the fourth grade, growing up in Duluth, Minnesota, money was tight and none of us could afford a bike. ...'"
I wonder if the author has any local connection. I imagine they're going to sell a million of these books.

The Great Migration: The Story of the Anishinaabeg

The Great Migration:
The Story of the Anishinaabeg
By: Linda Grover
UMD American Indian Studies Professor

Thursday, February 21st, @ 6:30 pm
Great Lakes Aquarium
(*General Public – $3; GLA members – free)

Have you ever wondered who were the first people to the Lake Superior region? How did they get here? Where did they come from? What were their lives like? The February Voices of the Lake speaker series presentation will feature UMD American Indian Studies Professor Linda Grover. Linda will retell the story of the Anishinaabeg, also known as the Ojibwe, Great Migration to Lake Superior. She will tell of their journey and where they stopped along the way, their spiritual foundations, their history as a tribe, and where they are today. She will also be sharing other American Indian stories of Lake Superior.
Linda is an Ojibwe historian and writer who was recently awarded the Sequoia First Book Award for her collection of Indian education poetry, "The.Indian.At.Indian.School.” She is a wife, mother of three, and a grandmother of seven, storyteller and traditional dancer. Linda is also a member of the Bois Forte Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe.
Join us as we explore what life was like living in the Lake Superior region before there were bridges, roadways, buildings, and convenience stores. Learn what life was like for the first people here and the incredible journey they took to get here.

February 05, 2008


I made this with my crappy webcam and internal mic, so, yeah, it sucks in quality. But I felt it had to be done nonetheless.

Here are the writings which inspired me and, I'm sure I can say, all of us.

looking for things
unsong thougths

For Zoey.

Support our Troop.


Occasionally at work, we get customers who purchase coffee for forward deployed servicemembers over in Iraq or Afghanistan...as a vet, I can say that good coffee from anywhere is a more than welcome sight when you haven't seen home in a few months.

Anyhow, I'm pretty good at reading and interpreting military addresses, and when we got an order to fill for a Warrant Officer attached to a helicopter squadron stationed in Iraq, I seized the opportunity and slipped a couple of our vinyl window cling logos with "Thank You" written on the back into the box before it was sealed up and sent off to the post office.

This morning, we got an email with a picture showing the WO posing in his flight gear leaning against his H-60F (I think...I'd have to get a look at the fuselage to know for sure) and our Alakef logo in one of the bubble windows of his chopper.


That kinda made my day.

If I can get the photo, I'll post it.

Women in Sports-Programs at UMD and YWCA

Tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of Title IX. Thought you might be interested in the two programs put on by UMD and the YWCA to mark this event.

Women in Sports.jpg

It's Saturday Morning, 1974...


The Super Friends starts in just a couple minutes. You have to make a choice now. What's it going to be?

unsong thougths

I wonderabout thinking about things. . How do you interpet business before party

Count-down ... begins


Citizens of Duluth: In approximately three months, a/k/a one quarter of a year, Homegrown will commence.

Will Duluth's Sexiest Band return to reclaim their place as ... Duluth's Sexiest Band? Only time will tell ...

February 04, 2008



I've been on an old AM country kick lately.

When I was a kid, my folks listened almost exclusively to WBAP 820...an AM country radio station out of Dallas that could be heard as far south as Houston on a good night and Topeka KS if you were lucky. I can remember cross-Texas and Arkansas road trips starting at four in the morning...bleary eyed, early morning stares, wanting nothing more than to just go. back. to. sleep....

Midnights on the road back home, pulling through Rockwall and its roads that are rougher than any other in the world...the monotone tinny sound of AM radio...

Rainy Day Woman + 24/7 + Automat

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"Pot vending machines take root in Los Angeles"


I like the part where the guy who takes it for "anger management issues" says: You have kids that want to get high and that's not what marijuana is for. It's to medicate."

New Dr. Thunder exhibit

Across from the Bedrock, in the Friendly West End.
Music and snacky-treats at the opening!

What's your campaign song

After Fleetwood Mac came on while I was enjoying my burrito at Hacienda I said to my date ... you know I can't hear this song without picturing Bill Clinton running for prez. This turned out to be a super conversation ... we continued to discuss what our campaign songs would be.

So I ask you PDD nation ... share with us ... what would YOUR campaign song be?

I also want to take this opportunity to play a nice little Andrew Bird video on a gloomy Monday.

Be well

Hazel Rogers commits suicide in a disreputable resort


I've been developing an idea for a Duluth/Superior history column called "Back in the Day." You might see it in a local periodical at some point, or maybe you won't. I'm publishing the pilot here and now, because it's specific to this month.

Back in the Day - February 1908
By Paul Lundgren

The average suicide is something media tends to ignore. As a rule, it’s acceptable to report the suicide of a public figure, or about suicide as a general subject, but when common people decide to take their own lives, it’s not news.

Back in the day, however, newspapers had a lot less apprehension about reporting things that now seem utterly distasteful. Take for example two articles from the February 5, 1908, Duluth Weekly Herald, and it becomes obvious what a difference 100 years can make.

Not only does the Herald report the suicide of a young girl named Hazel Rogers, but it does so under the headline: “Ends Life of Shame.” According to the story, the girl offed herself by overdosing on laudanum, a narcotic which consists of an alcohol solution of opium.

“Treated as if it were carrion, the body of Hazel Rogers … lies at Durkan & Crawford’s (morgue) unclaimed and unidentified by any of her former companions,” the Herald reports, noting the location of the suicide was the “disreputable resort run by Lucille Wells.” The story also speculates that the girl chose to commit suicide because she was “tired of the life of the under-world.”

Six days earlier, according to the Herald, Louis Ronning, a fisherman, was traveling from Duluth to Grand Marais aboard the steamer Moore when he climbed a rail and plunged into the icy waters of Lake Superior. “Jesus wants me; I am going to Him,” were reportedly his last words.

“He was not right in his mind, and recently has seemed to be insane on religious subjects,” the story points out. “The man has been more or less demented since being struck on the head by the limb of a falling tree about two years ago.”

Also in the news 100 years ago this month:

Feb. 3 | Bills were introduced in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to authorize Interstate Transfer Co. to construct a double deck bridge from Duluth to Superior across the St. Louis River at Spirit Lake.

Feb. 4 | Roland Haven defeated Emil Tessman to become Duluth’s 21st mayor.

Feb. 5 | Duluth Street Railway Co. filed its annual report for 1907, disclosing that 12,645,634 nickel fares were collected.

Feb. 7 | Robert E. Denfeld, superintendent of Duluth Public Schools, was granted a three-year contract extension at the regular meeting of the Board of Education.

Feb. 14 | Duluthian John Evenson set the new American ski jumping record, clearing 116 feet in the national tournament at Chester Park. The Duluth News Tribune estimated the crowd on hand at 9,000.

Feb. 21 | Superior was granted a franchise in minor league baseball’s Northern League.

Feb. 22 | John Evenson broke his own ski-jumping record, clearing 122 feet in Ishpeming, Mich. During the same competition, fellow Duluthian Ole Feiring jumped 119 feet.

Feb. 26 | Members of the West Duluth Rod and Gun Club met with members of the Central Gun Club to discuss merging. The West Duluth club members were not in favor of the proposal.

February 03, 2008

New exhibit at the Pro Football Hall of Fame

EliManning.JPG SpermSample.JPG PeytonManning.JPG

Archie Manning sperm sample.

I hate for people to die embarrassed.

And your favorite part is...?

February 02, 2008

06 MEH - The Exchange

Here's an excerpt of last thursday's meet up of 06 MEH - The Exchange.

February 01, 2008

The Orpheum opens tonight

Five quotes from the Wave. Discuss.

Star is opening a dance club called the Orpheum — the building’s original name in its vaudeville days. This is a first for him; he has never managed a club before, although he’s had a business as a DJ. He worked on air for KZIO more than 15 years ago, under its previous management, and has spun at Grandma’s Sports Garden, Kerrigan’s and the Cove.
« »
“I want to introduce a different nightlife experience to Duluth, a real nightclub experience,” Star said. “I want the evening to have different parts. The early evening will be romantic, the music low, so people can have cocktails and talk. As the night goes on I want it to turn into — almost accidentally — a dance party. The music’ll get louder, it’ll develop so that people won’t be able to help dancing.”
« »
Star describes the music as “club mixes of current hits, not experimental DJ stuff that people watch, but music to dance to.”
« »
The bathroom will have to wait a while, according to Ringsred. For now, patrons will climb the stairs to the mezzanine bathrooms, shared with the NorShor Experience.
« »
Star believes shows such as “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance” indicate a popular resurgence of dancing. He wants his club to be a welcoming place for young hipsters, but also for older people.

Who was your favorite in 2008?

A PDD Post by Paul Lundgren in 2004.

listening to dylan ...

in 2000 i was seriously dating a guy and heard the song "it ain't me, babe" sung by joan biaz and it totally resonanted with me and i knew that my boyfriend and i -- although we liked each other -- would break up eventually. our plan was to, instead of verbally breaking up, send this song to the other in the mail when we'd determined it was over.

so ... what's your favorite bob dylan break up song?