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When 14.4 Was King

Hello, first time poster here.

The good old days

It's been over ten years since I last called a BBS (aka Bulletin Board System). I actually ran a board for a couple years in 218 called "The Wormhole" with my friends Mark and Carey. I started with BBSes around '92 and enjoyed them until I left for college and discovered the World Wide Web in 1996, about the same time BBSes started to disappear, unable to compete with the scope of the Web.

For those former BBSers interested in a flashback, here's a list of old 218 BBSes. (Remember the get-togethers at Godfathers and the Incline Station?)

There's even a documentary about the hobby in general (which is surprisingly entertaining for a five-and-a-half hour documentary on nerds dialing up to other computers), and a wiki for BBSes.


Wow - does this bring back old memories. I started out on a 1200 baud external modem and later upgraded to a 14.4.

I attended one of the events at Godfather's on London Rd and I recall the one at Incline although I never went.

Does this ever bring back the old memories... I remember playing some sort of space game that was turn based on Info Central - I was just trying to recall the name of it the other day but couldn't.

Thanks for the flashbacks!

Wow, thanks for the heads up! DLing now...

Holy crap...FLASHBACK!!!

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