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What the Schnitzel?


That would be from "Hoodwinked," of course. The DVD has an extended version of this part. I think the movie didn't get good reviews, but my kids and I like it.

We love this movie. I think we watch it at least once a week and we still laugh hysterically at it.

If you haven't seen it, you should!

My kids and I love this movie too since we saw it in the cinema. Don't know why we don't own it.

Hey Ironic,
Email me - we happen to be blessed with two copies - you can have one if you like. :)

w00t! score!

Boingo: Dolph, tie up the brat; Liesel, hold the book; Vincent, get the truck; and Keith, darnit change your name, please, that's not scary and I'm embarrassed to say it. Boris, try that. Keith, ya know, OOOO Watch out for Keith!

Never trust a bunny.

Use the gauntlet, Red, use the gauntlet!

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