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We want to be Fiscal Conservatives!

It's January and New Year's resolution time. I'm trying to get my family on track with a real BUDGET. Does anyone have a software package they adore - or at least not hate? Ideally it could be either networked between computers or online so we can both access it.

Sometimes I think we're remedial adults.


Moneydance (http://moneydance.com) is pretty good, and is inexpensive. It's comparable to Quicken, but without the flashing advertisements. It runs on Linux, Mac, Windows - and has a budget manager. It's not terribly fancy, but I like it better than Quicken and MS Money.

Yah, that sounds good. I'm looking for a small learning curve. I'll check into it, thanks.

For my general budget I just use a google spreadsheet that I set up myself. If you're familiar with spreadsheets it's simple. If not, it probably isn't up your alley. Plus you can't get very detailed or download stuff from your bank. Ok nevermind ;-)

I like OpenSource freeware - it's like using all of Microsoft's software (word, excel, etc) except it's FREE! :)

Bird, did you figure out which software you want to use? GAUNTLET!

Oh, you're caught me being a procrastinator! I've let myself get caught up with work and other than writing down some program names on a post-it, I haven't done a damn thing. Doh.

Thanks for trying to keep me on task.

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