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viva las vegas

i just got back from a way too long vacation in vegas. if you don't gamble, 5 days is way too many days to spend in that town. however, i did snap this gem of a picture. i suggest you set it as your desktop background.

happy new year pdd.

From Las Vegas

ps. for the geeks out there. i attended a penn and teller show and saw adam savage in the audience. i was hoping he would get up on stage and debunk their tricks, but p&t do that themselves anyway.


Yes 5 days is too much if you don't gamble. But, there are plenty of other things to do that aren't in Vegas proper. Did you go to Hoover Dam? Or the town off of Route 66 that lets the mules run free. (It's like walking into Deadwood)

I bet it was better than shoveling snow.

I am partial to the One Stop Comic Shop at the Tropicana, you stomach will ache after those comedians get done with you.

we did spend a day in death valley. it was a great escape from the constant ding ding ding noise of vegas.

Please tell me that is a velvet painting.

As velvet as they come.

We're heading to Vegas this month. I love the tackiness of Vegas. We got married at the Graceland Chapel...Elvis and all, we get all nostalgic whenever we see a bad Elvis impersonator! We decided that if it was gonna be Vegas, it was going to be over the top! We intend to hit the Liberace Museum this time...looks like a hoot! Also, gotta drink some Hofbrau at the Vegas replica of the Hofbrau Haus. We'll have to look up the town with the donkeys, sounds like a plan for a little day trip. Any other tacky suggestions? I'm fond of the Holy Cow Brewery. Where is this painting? It's delightfully awful!

Oops, It's mules, I guess there's a difference. Anyway, I'd like to know the name of the town where the mules wander.

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