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Did you notice those things


Yes. How could I have missed them?

What are things?

These Things?

i was wondering about those.

those "things" as you call them are a genetic defect thank you very much.

Oh my god. Those things are so awesome.

keep your grubby mitts off my things!

What? This thing here?

Or did you mean this thing?

Or perhaps this earlier thing?

Or maybe this annoying thing?

Or was it this thing to which you were referring?

Move the thing...and the other thing!

Frank: What things were you talking about?

The post is categorized under "Puzzlers", but I cannot believe you were making some sort of statement.

I love those things but I have to get some time away from them...you know what I mean. I much more into these things these days.

Hey, Cork.
The thing is I didn't think we really had a deep enough discussion of my first post. As you can see we're getting to the bottom of these things.I mean we've had 15 posts about things people really wanted. Nothing is offlimits. Somethings can be talked about in greater depth than other things. Cool things, small things , all things. I think we're on to something here.Looking forward to hearing about more things

I personally like Linen 'n Things. I don't think it's necessarily the Linen but rather the Things that keep me shopping.


They prefer to be called "Sheets 'n' Shit". Its much more inclusive.

Pay no attention to that thing behind the curtain.

these are few of my favorite things... gauntlet!

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