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The other morning


This picture was taken a few mornings ago but I know people on here like this kind of thing. This was taken in my backyard in the middle of Woodland at about 6:50 a.m. I love mornings in the winter in this town!!! Anybody know any other good photo spots for people with point and shoot digital cameras?


Nbayuk, How come the sky near my house looks so, um, pink? Great pic! BTW, you and I may have crossed paths, I just got home from 2 weeks in CA, most of it spent in Santa Barbara. Didn't make it to Solvang this time, but did check out Ojai, famous for being the setting for the movie, Lost Horizons, as well as the Bionic woman's hometown.

You should join us at http://flickr.com/groups/duluthphotographersguild/
we go on photo walks and talk photography at monthly meetings. It's free and all ranges of talent are welcome.

Wonderful picture!

I want a wall-size poster of this in my living room.

This is beautiful, and I appreciate you sharing because 6:50 a.m. might be the exact time I'm LLTBA, least likely to be awake.

Claire... We may have crossed paths indeed. I spent December 26-28th in Santa Barbara at the Fes Parker(or however you spell that)hotel. We ate at the brewery and saw some crazy homeless people that won't be forgotton anytime soon.

Nbayuk: We probably walked right by each other on Cabrillo Blvd then. Five of my siblings and our families rented a house a mile or two north of the touristy area dec. 27-jan. 3. I thought the crazy, colorful, homeless people in SB were some of the nicest I'd ever met, they'd walk by me, engage me in friendly banter for a little bit, then walk on, without hassling me at all (which has happened to me in Duluth). Must be that perfect weather, has an effect on people's dispositions.

I just scrolled down to this & went wow!
Thank you so much for posting this photo - it is excellent!

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