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The Duluth Strangler?

Was watching Wrongfully Accused last night and aside from it taking place in Minnesota there's a scene where Leslie Nielsen is getting on a prison bus to get hauled away and everyone is given name tags and someone has one that says 'the Duluth Strangler'.

Looked it up on Google but nothing came up. Anyone know anything about....The Duluth Strangler?


I think it's probably just a parody of "The Boston Strangler". You know, since there really was a Boston Strangler. And Duluth is a hick town. It would be funny if instead of the BOSTON strangler, it would be the DULUTH strangler. GET IT! BAH HA HA HA HA HA. I get jokes!

Seriously...what in the world were you doig watching Wrongfully Accused? Did you lose a bet or something?

Great, Now I know one of the topics for Danny Does Duluth episode 12

My mother told me about a serial killer that took girls out of chester park. Maybe the chester bowl strangler or something of that ilk.

I guess it was not safe to walk in chester in the 1970's. Of course, there is nothing on the internet about this. I looked at the electronic resources at the duluth library, but it seems to only have really old stuff (turn of the century 1900) and new stuff (1995 on).

The director, Pat Proft, was born in Columbia Heights, just north of Minneapolis. He has a flair for using names drawn from Minnesota (Cass Lake, Fergus Falls and Duluth are all used). He was, as Danny said, more than likely just replacing Boston with Duluth. There was a a Starsky and Hutch episode in 1976 with a character called the Las Vegas Strangler, a movie in 1986 called The Hollywood Strangler in Las Vegas and a CSI episode in 2001 with a character from Las Vegas called the Strip Strangler, but I'd still bet the character's name was stolen from that of the Boston Strangler.

there was the hillside rapist in the 80s that was terrorizing the town. no strangler tho.

I'm going with the Boston strangler too, I dont see how Danny couldnt have liked that movie... It's brilliant! haha

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