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The Columnist and the Curmudgeon

columnist and curmudgeon 1_small.jpgBarb Olsen, who writes the Out of Order! column about the Duluth City Council for the Reader , has been doing a radio version for us on KUMD. This week she's introducing a segment called "the Columnist and the Curmudgeon" that features former City Councilor Russ Stewart ( the curmudgeon, obviously). They're talking about the Lakeside liquor ordinance this week with brand new City Councilors Todd Fedora and Jeff Anderson. Next week they'll talk about outdoor drinking areas for local bars with Nick Patronas, who owns Aces.

Check it out, Wednesday morning at 8:15. I'd love to hear feedback from any of you political junkies. It will be podcast after it airs, too.


I was just reading Monday's paper with the Mitch's bar and the smoking/drinking people on the sidewalk and imagining it on superior street in Lakeside. It would definitely change the neighborhood. Looking forward to the podcasts - Where will they be?

I had lunch with the Curmudgeon today and he's really looking forward to this radio foray. And if you see him down at Carmody's tonight, wish him a happy birthday.

I'm glad he's off the Council. He's better suited to being on talk radio where I won't have to listen to him.

I listened to the show today, I really like the format. It's nice to hear what councilors are thinking about upcoming local issues before they get to the point of voting. Fedora said that at this point he's against the liquor ordinance in Lakeside. He bases that on the calls and emails he's recieved that are against it. He also asked that if folks are for it, they should let him know now, as it seems there's quite a campaign against it. I doubt you'd see something as tacky as what Mitch's did in West End out in Lakeside. The owner definitely did the least possible to provide for his customers. I wouldn't mind seeing a little outdoor seating area like Sir Ben's or Fitgers.

Thanks for the feedback. You can also e-mail me comments directly at [email protected] Here's a link to the podcast on kumd.org: Out of Order!

I think the drinking-on-a-bench thing was beyond cheesy--a bad idea from the beginning, turned comical when the Kozy applied for it. But an outdoor patio/deck type arrangement like Sir Ben's or La Hacienda would be a great addition to the future 45th Avenue East Bar & Grill.

i'm thinking that E is right on this one...if a bar wants to provide an outdoor area for its patrons to have a bev, it can do so, but it shouldn't be on a city sidewalk...

I think there is a little wiggle room on this as in the case with Sir Bens, and Fitger's...they have their outdoor seating cordoned off and separate from the main part of the thoroughfare. Somehow the Kozy letting their patrons drink on a park bench outside the bar is a little...tacky.

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