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I was in New York last summer and was at a steak house. Bill O'Reilly ended up sitting at a table next to me. One of the people I was with was in awe of him. I texted some friends saying who was at the next table. One friend wanted me to give him a big smooch on the lips. Another asked me why I hadn't punched him already. After seeing this, I wish I had. First give him a big old kiss and then deck him. He probably would be more offended by the kiss. This just shows how good FOX news is at manipulating its viewers. I don't believe for a second that Bill O'Reilly is dumb enough to say that without knowing the facts. I believe he knows but the facts make his people look bad, so he denies them. The same thing happened with Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately there, everybody bought it. I fear many people will buy this too. Too many get their news from only one source and the most popular source is FOX News.

The facts make us all look bad.

Ok...I hate defending that d-bag Bill O'Reilly...I really, really do. However, Olberman is coming off as much higher on the d-bag scale. It just looks like a guy who's obviously consistantly loosing in the ratings and doing what he can to tear into who's beating him.

As for the homeless vets numbers: whenever stuff like this comes out you have to look at how the numbers are estimated and what is considered "homeless". The word homeless doesn't necessarily mean "living on the street in a cardboard box". Homeless can mean not being able to pay your own rent, being evicted, and moving in with friends or family. This sort of thing happens all the time and not just with vets.

Damn, I hate taking B.O.'s side.

I'm tellin' ya Sherman, ya should've messily eaten some greazy chicken and gone over and given him a great big sloppy kiss!

Generally "homeless" means someone with no housing. If you are living with friends/family that is housing, yes? Got something stronger then anecdotal evidence I'd love to see it.
And uh, I don't have cable, and generally have no dog in the fight, but a quick google says Olbermann's ratings have only been increasing... fwiw.

Edgeways...you may want to read this:


That is interesting, but Fumento has a pretty dicey journalistic history so I am not terribly sympathetic to his claims. He seems to make a living off being controversial while claiming victimization.

Eh. Could be.

The one thing I do aggree with him on is that whenever these damning stats come out they always come from a group that would benefit the most. Also, numbers like this are constantly messed with and played with. You really, really need to look at what the exact definitions are for the results. The groups are'nt exactly willing to give them over either. They arent always looking at things the way we generally would.

The same sort of thing happened last year locally. A couple of the Duluth city councilors were making a big deal about a report showing the very low wages of Duluth residents compared to the rest of the country. They failed to mention that the cost of living is generally lower here and the fact that part-time, minimum wage McDonald's and BurgerKing teenagers were included in the stats (and possibly paper delivery kids).

Guess I'm just a skeptic. But don't get me wrong...O'Reilly is a total douche.

I think we can agree re: O'Reilly.
One of the organizations talking about this Vet/homeless issue is the V.A itself. I guess they could be angling for increased funding, but considering the public relations beating the V.A has taken in recent years I'm kind of inclined to think there would be a big disincentive to highlight yet another way they are falling down on the job. just imo of course.

Information sortilege is fun and easy!

ZIPskinny's got some pretty neat tools, to start with. Expect to see more open source solutions to allow consumers to access governmental information and interrelate it in dynamic ways.

I'll show Bill O the backside of my GAUNTLET!

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