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Sound card rec?

Been trying to run my guitar through my computer. I've a USB interface (M-audio) but still getting annoying latency, reading about it seems to suggest I need a new, better soundcard. Does anyone have a good recommendation for something that may work but be relatively inexpensive? (Windows, XP)


Your sound card may not be the issue. There are 4 factors that immediately effect latency other than just your sound card.
1- software ~what is it & does it allow you to adjust your RAM buffers and/or latency in...say...under preferences? (this is the most likely case)
2- your CPU...best if it is new...as in the last two years...3.0, 3.2 Ghz cpu should work A-Okay.
3- RAM...yep, RAM, at least a GIG...the more the better.
4- your USB port may be a factor...do you know if you have USB 2.0 ports? Most computers built in the last 2 years all have them but older computers may have the slower, original USB ports...seriously, the transfer rate difference is dramatic.

It is good you are running Windows XP...Vista is proving to be problematic with music and media (surprise, surprise)...There are many factors playing into this so it takes some patience but i know m-audio soundcards and they work pretty well.

Good luck.

The only thing on the list that would be a factor would be the processor, it's only about 2 Ghz. Otherwise 2.5 G of Ram and 2.0 USB. The software won't allow me to adjust the sample rate.. well actually it looks like I could, but the slider is stuck so I assume that means something needs to change before it'll let me. Ugh I hate the idea of having to upgrade the processor (and by extension the MB) when nothing else is wrong with it. The reason I was thinking soundcard is mine is an onboard unit, so something newer would be able to do the trick.

What kind of driver are you using. If you can use ASIO4ALL; It's free and pretty much a standard for recording.

Your processor and RAM are more than sufficient for recording one track at a time (which it sounds like you are). It's your software. You just need to find where to adjust your buffer size in the set-up or preferences and set it to a low setting for recording and bump it back up when you are editing. I know this is an easy fix in Pro Tools or DP and the like, but if you are looking for free software, I got nothing.

What kind of driver are you using. If you can use ASIO4ALL; It's free and pretty much a standard for recording.
WDM as a driver is shit, using the supplied Aiso driver is shit. What software are you using? If you can't adjust the buffer size and set a bit rate than that's the problem. Also you need to check on what's running in the back ground processes. No anti-virus software, system restore, automatic updates, spyware programs,ect... check out tweaksxp.com

I was just using Audacity, but documentation seems to indicate that it doesn't work with AISO drivers period unless you compile it directly from code to do so. Yeah I stopped all non essential background processes prior to trying this all out. So, perhaps the chain of troubleshooting goes through different software > new driver, before thinking of soundcard

I also found a PCI Latency Tool 3 helpfull. You can adjust the bit rate? I have been monkeying around with cpu recording on a low budget for some time. I finally broke down and bought a hard disc 8-track recorder and import the tracks to the computer to work with.

I'll give that a shot, seems easier then compiling audacity from code and cheaper then buying new hard/soft-ware.

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