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What's everyone doing this weekend?


Playing with my things.

Saturday I hope they serve Bahama-mamas at the Diorama-rama.

Trying to get the image of Vicarious's leathery basketball out of my head...

Err, I mean, grocery shopping, watching Lawrence Welk with Hazel on Saturday night, brunch somewhere, maybe a drive up the Shore... anything's possible!

I guess what I really meant to ask was ... what's going on this weekend?

Myself, I plan on popping in to the Dioramarama at Emerson on Saturday night.

Tryin to keep Simon from doin' me in the @$$

I will be entering our 6 month old Golden Retriever in the Cutest Puppy Contest at Fitger's on Saturday. Vote for Bender!

I'm going to be shopping for a black wifebeater like the guy rocking out in the picture has.

goin to Nashhell... er, ville, Nahville

FRIDAY: Prince Paul's 50th birthday party (w/ the Conscious Party) at the Twins and maybe Vampire Hands at Piece O' Coochie.

SATURDAY: Diorama-rama to see Poorus' silent film music explosion and Dance Band and Taconite. Connive a way to get me to the Loading Zone around 10:30 for the Acceleratii. Escape from Superior.

Well, anyone is welcome to come rock out to Lawrence Welk with Hazel and me at our house, 7pm Saturday night!

Bring your loafers and your plaid bowtie with the matching jacket!

Bubbles will be available for all!

Gaming, sleeping.

I'm going to be doing just the opposite of what BadCat! is doing.

Sleeping, gaming.

OK Tamara you brought back memories or maybe its a flashback. I was 12 and my brothers girlfriend (she was like 26)was over on a Saturday night while he was working. I remember us watching toasted cheese sandwiches brown under the broiler. turning on Lawrence Welk to to watch the bubbles then turning the channel to HEE HAW to see Loretta Lynn sing the pill.

Mike Wilson on guitar!

I'm going to be skiing the Nordic Spirit race at Spirit Mountain on Sunday, which will be accompanied by a lot of wheezing.

Going to real estate open houses.

I too will be going to the Diorama-rama 3. Viva Dance Band! Shake your baby maker!

Me? I'm running the GAUNTLET!

I watched Lawrence Welk with Hazel but nobody came over to share bubbles with us. :( OH well, it'll be on next Saturday, too! Gauntlet!

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