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Only 10 minutes left in my shift, but I had time to skim through this useful site: GovernmentAttic.org.
Lots of government documents, including the often hillarious FCC complaints - check out this gem someone called in on the Simpsons.


Should 'double entendre' really be in quotes?
Plus, say what you will about the FCC, those employees must have a very troubled impression of the American populace.

That's funny

Come on... if the Simpsons starts getting tagged by the FCC... I'm shooting my TV. Has anyone heard if Diane Keaton, who appeared live on ABC's "Good Morning America" and threw out an F-bomb had been fined? There should have been an uproar over that... Lord knows my ears will never be the same.

OMG the South Park ones are freaking hilarious....

Ha! The complainer used the word "assist" at the end, which clearly and undeniably has the word "ass" in it. Obviously he is a closet homosexual.

Wow. Only in America is the subject matter of kids revolting and tieing up adults perfectly fine, but the imagined representation of a male body part indecent.

Where in the world do these people come from? Uranus?

I read a few briefly. There was one about the Outlaw Gauntlet Motorcycle Gang from the DEA. Anyone read it?

What a gem of a post. Thanks for passing on this entertaining info

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