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practice space for rent

the hog damage collective has a couple of lovely practice rooms for rent in our spacious complex. $250 pays all the bills. covered garage load in on the first floor. convenient locale. infinite networking possibilities with some of duluth's finest/ne'er do well musicians. this could be the big break your band has been looking for. don't be a fool. email me.

[email protected]


Greg, we would so rent from you if you would sing Hazel to sleep every night. She loves the "Billy is a Bumblebee" song!

In fact, if you, Christian McShane and Jerree Small were to get together and do a children's album, Hazel wouldn't know what to do with herself, she'd be so excited!

Oh, and gauntlet!

hazel is going to love the single from my new album entitled 'carlos cockroach' then. a bit of a spainish themed tune.

a couple of rooms? or just one? what's open, baby?

Greg "the Spanish Fly" Cougar Conley?

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