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Well, it's hard to say, but I'll guess that the answer is "42" because that's always a safe guess.

nah...i'm just a sucker for a really really bad movie.

It's the point during winter where I tend to pine for the days of yore when MST3K was a worthwhile waste of time.

i guess there's always youtube.

well there is always Netflix watch instantly that has along with legitimate classics
forgotten noir like Bad Blonde or Man Bait

yeah...but these movies all lack Tom Servo...

Man Bait was a cool flick. I'll admit 70's and 80's B flicks are some of the worst as well, like Death Race 2000 with David Carradine...

But classics like The Creeping Terror and The Brain That Wouldn't Die are a cut above the rest of the field.

Death Race 2000 is a great flick. You think any movie today would have the guts to include lines like "This country no longer needs violence to prove its virility is still intact"?

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