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Have I achieved the impossible? Two different things in the same time and space continium. My lastest post has shown up on my computer but is only gibberish on Starfires.Perhaps it only posted on this side of 10th ave. e. I don't know.
I know that my posts may be something that some of you really aren't interested in. This latest post came from a friend of mine from Canada. In some strange way I find it appropriate. This is where bush was hanging out over the weekend holding hands with some guy while probably plotting how to get the last dime you have. I am slowly finding my nich at other local and national sites where people are comfortable with these topics. On one we're discussing the merits of ethanol , on another ,the possibility that maybe there are jobs in Duluth, in the alternative energy field. mostly pretty dry topics, perfect for an old man whose slowly drying out. I'll come back now and again when I find something appropriately uncomfortable. Cork., If you read this and you recieved that little video could you post it for me. You can call it Franks early years, assuming it's the one with the guy in the monkey pit. I love this site and will remain an ardent supporter.

Space time continuum and lost posts- I hate it when that happens! Woo! GAUNTLET!

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