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Pine marten in my yard


We put our gingerbread house on the back deck for critters to eat, and this pine marten hopped up to it today. We live in Duluth, not far from Hartley Field.
Now I'm thinking I should scrape off all the candy.


I've never even heard of a pine marten - but he's CUTE! I want one! ;-)



Umm, yes...hello? I say, is anyone home?


Well then I'll just have to help myself to your house.

It could be interesting to see what a pine marten on a sugar buzz is like...

i am so irrepressibly glad to know that those guys are out there. thanks, Beverly.

this picture also makes me think i may now have a clear idea what made these tracks.

So cute ... so blood-thirsty.

Would you rather:

Spend 10 minutes in a closet full of angry hornets OR

1 minute in a closet with that sugar-buzzed pine marten?

Beverly, this would make a great PDD banner. *hint hint*

At first I thought it was a nod to Big Lizard in my Backyard..

Glad to see the pine martens out there too - I like the expression on its face, furrowed concentration : )

Beverly, this would make a wondrous Christmas card. People would so buy them. *hint hint*

Oh, and adam: The pine marten's your friend. Make friends with the pine marten. The pine marten's your friend. Make friends with the pine marten.

::inexplicably, imagining bluegrass covers of Dead Milkmen::

Out in the woods, up to no good, I want to make friends with the pine marten.

If that Pine Martin don't have no Mojo Nixon, then it's store could use some fixin

That's a bitchin' pine marten.

This makes me almost as happy as the cougar confirmation photo from not so long ago!

Be careful, however, Beverly, pine martens aren't known for their friendly ways. Even if they knock. :) Oh gauntlet, btw!

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