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Photogeography Quiz!

Accurately identify the location of these four Statues of Liberty:
b)SOL 001.jpg
c)SOL 002.jpg


2nd one is by the DECC

a) Paris, France Luxembourg Gardens on the river Seine

b) Duluth, MN ~ side of the DECC facing Lake Superior

c)Derry, Ireland (Northern Ireland) [not too sure about this one]

d) Ellis Island, NY Harbor on Hudson River

1) The planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy
2) The planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy
3) The planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy
4) The planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy

That was way too easy.

Elle, you got em all except c). Hint: its in Duluth. Sherman, why I oughta smack you!

But of course! C) is atop Liberty Liquors on Central Avenue.

Here is Tokyo there is another big one. I've occasionally heard it referred to as the "statue of freedom" or "freedom woman"in addition to the usual name.

As you can see in this photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/cebulova/2181110346/
it usually is viwed with the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower in the backround, which puts a sort of Japanese knock-off trifecta into play.

Nice job peoples! And of course on my way to work today there was a guy dressed up in a Statue of Liberty costume standing in front of M&I Bank on the corner of Belknap and Tower in Superior, pimping Liberty Mutual Mortgages!!! FRICK I wish I had my camera!

Someone just see National Treasure?


...but thanks for ruining the movie for me. Just kidding!

Ruining movies? I would never! I'm surprised this isn't why you posted this. I'll say no more ...
except that the movie is really silly, OK for kids and Nicholas Cage has really white teeth.

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