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PDD 5K this Saturday!


Announcing the first ever PDD sponsored athletic event. The PDD Resolution Run/Walk will start and end at Starfire Screen Printing Co.-1131 E 4th St at 9:15AM this Saturday January 5th. Show up at 9 for some coffee and conversation. The run starts at 9:15 and will be self timed.

The run/walk is free but the commemorative T-shirt will be $10 and printed right before your very eyes! Put it on warm for extra enjoyment. No need to sign up but an RSVP in the comments will help with food planning.

I will post route info soon.


could this be the genesis of a Duluth chapter of the Hash House Harriers?

If so, I'm totally game.

neato. prepare to be awed by my 14 minute mile, bitches.

When I lived in Cincinnati, I knew Hash House Harriers. Their motto: "Drinkers with a running problem."

I'll probably show up for shits and giggles.

i belonged to an HHH group when I was in the Navy...helluva lot of fun...run from point A to point B, which was almost always a bar or pub. Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, the U.A.E., and Australia...

like i said, I'm totally down with forming a HHH group here...I've done my searchin' and there are five HHH groups in MN, four in the shitties and one in northfield.

Are dogs welcome on this run? I may bring my dog to this event if so.

dogs, strollers ... however you want to roll.

we'll have the route posted shortly.

BAH! How 'bout a little more heads up next time? I know I may not have much of a life but once in awhile I actually make plans more than two days ahead of time.

Consider this a prequel of sorts to a more organized event next year. We only decided to do the race recently because some folks want to do a 5k every month this year and none were available in January.


I'm in

You should get in touch with Kris at Northland Runner in order to get some broader publicity. I know a fair number of local runners read that site.

Should we make our own number bibs or will those be provided at the start of the race?

I have a couple of Sharpees if you really want a number otherwise this is a very low-key event.

Recruitment to date: 5

I just like to have as many souvenirs as possible, hence the question about the bib. I'll be satisifed with the shirt. The route looks good. I think I'll be wearing sandwich baggies over my socks, given the forecast,

Count me in!

rsvp for two!

damn...if funkenschutz is in...

actually, I'll hafta catch the next one.

i need an excuse to pick up a new pair of running shoes.

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