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overheard in the east hillside ...

" ... so i don't have to pay rent, i just have to sell mushrooms. ... i just hope i don't get caught,"

said by one of three partiers. the group then decided to walk, rather than drive, because of what a dui would do to the driver's insurance rate.


I miss mushrooms... I wish I had been at that party.

That scene in Tenacious D where he flies with the sasquash is awesome... Or the Brady Bunch sequeal: "Good Morning Starshine, The earth says hello..."

I remember being at a festival when I was 18 in Somerset Wisconsin following around this girl to her tent and having her give me a bit. Good times... Good Times..

I would have been more impressed by something like, "..as long as I pay my rent I'll be less likely to be busted for growing mushrooms.."

It's interesting how people can't shut up even when they're in a "hope I don't get caught" situation.

can you get a business card next time?

Wow. Barrett and Starfire have a pretty sweet deal set up.

I'm impressed with their cost-benefit analysis skills under the circumstances.

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