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Open House New Duplex in Hillside - $220,000!!!

Built by Women in Construction Co. LLC
21 East 5th Street
New price! $220,000
Sunday, January 4th NOON-2PM

Rental Unit - 1 bedroom/1 bath
Owner Unit - 3 bedrooms/2.5 baths
- amazing lake views
- large covered porch
- energy efficient
- custom maple cabinets
- ceramic tile, marmoleum, laminate flooring, carpet
- 2-stall detached garage & off-street parking

218.733.1451 or http://www.womenworking.org/forsale/duplex21.htm


Wow, my husband just saw that duplex last week and the price was $247K. He said the views were really spectacular.

Sunday the 4th??

Yep, the website still lists it at $247,000. Looks really nice though. I know that neighborhood well. It's a little on the tough side (okay, maybe "a lot") but it would be great if people would invest themselves in it.

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Anyways I am not a homosexual. There is still a woman in Paddington Square who wants to marry me, and I don't want to disappoint her.

They probably mean Friday the 6th, AC.

SUNDAY, January 6th. This Sunday. Noon - 2.
Call with questions please!! See you there.

Noel was that a classic example of a non sequitur?

Ironic - that was my husband's thoughts on the neighborhood, too. He also thought that while so much of the house was beautiful, the flooring is some pergo-type product. But the building is highly energy inefficient.

I feel sorry that this consortium of women builders are taking such a financial fall on this project.

Sorry people, I forgot to say that this Sunday is an OPEN HOUSE at the duplex! Please come.

i live one block west of that duplex. the block that the duplex is on is mostly homeowners and almost every house on it is either new or recently rehabbed. it's a pretty good street to live on--i wouldn't call it "tough."

In response to the message posted by Bird - was wondering what you mean by energy "inefficient" and hope this is a typo and you meant to say "highly energy efficient". Actually the duplex far exceeds MN Energy Code standards and we had MN Power do an infra-red and blower door test at the end of the project, the home meets Tier II standards which is the best building standard of MN Power's Triple E Builder Program. The lower one bedroom unit is extremely efficient as it is built into the hillside and the foundation is insulated concrete forms, there is in-floor heat and double-glazed low e argon windows. The upper unit is also very energy efficient. Also, while the living room/dining room floor is a floating laminate, the kitchen & entry is a floating marmoleum floor and the bathrooms all have ceramic tile floors. The house has many other features that are described in our flyer available at the house on Sunday. We have built this using high quality materials and construction. We also received some funding to reduce the price which is why it is listed at $220,000 (we are not losing money on this project) we are only trying to sell it to people making under 115% of area median income so want to try and make it as reasonable as possible. The view is amazing (one of the best in town) and the yard although steep, is a perfect rolling play area for kids. There is a great flat area on south side for a garden. The garage is a two-stall with garage door opener. Please call us at Women in Construction 733-1451 if you have any questions.

Appreciate your interest.

It is a nice looking home - I was able to drive by many times during construction and never saw any Women working on it, only Men

Well, when I say "tough" I was only referring to the shootings in the area, like one that happened this summer about a block away, and the frequent drug deals in that area. Me, I'd live there. Heck, I did. It's no tougher than places in Chicago where I lived and a damn sight better. I hope people do live there and make a claim in that neighborhood. I'd move back.

Thanks ironic for your comments - Women in Construction is dedicated to building quality, affordable, energy efficient housing in the Central Hillside and Downtown areas. We have built 4 condos on 5th and Lake, 2 duplexes on 5th and 1st Ave East, a single family home on 5th and Lake and now are building a single family home on 7th and 3rd Ave East that will be for sale in the spring. We also are building 9 studio apartments for lower income people who work downtown and want some affordable housing options. The studio apartments will be available in July of 2008. As for "rough neighborhoods" and violence, recently some random acts of violence "home invasions" have happened out east. So, as we all know violence can and does occur everywhere. The Central Hillisde has its problems but it is also a wonderful neighborhood with alot of history and opportunity.
As for the comment made by timolino about the lack of women working on the duplex let me explain about our company. Women in Construction employs 60% women in our company - the construction industry as a whole in our area has only achieved less than 3% women working in the field. The duplex was built in partnership with the Secondary Technical Center, which is an on-the-job learning experience for high school students. WiCC provides the lot, materials and assistance with the project and high school students under the direction of Tony Leone build homes giving them the experience they need to find living-wage jobs in the future. The majority of the students are male, however this is something we are working with the high schools to correct. WiCC crews work on about 5 different sites at any one time, and are spread out across the city. Anyone who wants more information about our company or training program can visit our website at www.womenworking.org or go to youtube and type in duluth and see a video produced by the MN Coalition of Non-profits OR vistis Duluth LISC website and see another video on Wicc.....whew! didn't know announcing an open house could get so complicated.....PLEASE visit the home this Sunday to learn more about what we do and housing options available.


actually it was a typo! It is an extremely energy saving home.

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