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i'm a die hard rem fan and am the first to admit that their last few offerings have been less than impressive (i think their last great album was new adventures in hi-fi. in fact, it was one of their best albums ever.) well they have a new one coming out on april 1st called accelerate. i'm half excited for it but i'm very impressed with their teaser site called ninetynights.com. it features a short video clip every day until the release of the album. rem and/or video buffs might want to check it out.


I like the ninetynights concept--I wonder if it'll gel into anything cohesive by the end.

I'm a diehard fan, too, who was vastly underwhelmed by their last two albums (although I do have a fondness for Up, despite its weirdness)...here's to hoping this next one kicks things back up to par.

I know you'll hate to hear this, but "Up" was great; and "Reveal" is my all-time favorite R.E.M. album.

I've been an REM devotee since Murmer came out way back in '83. I thought their early stuff, Murmer, Reconstruction of the Fables, was there best. However, since hearing their new live CD I'm increasingly a big fan of the latest stuff such as Ascent of Man, Leaving New York, Electron Blue, and I Took Your Name.

In short, REM is the best!



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