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New CD...

or rather, New CD Cover Meme!

Make your own...

1. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random

The first article title on the page is the name of your band. [Mine]

2. www.quotationspage.com/random.php3

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album. [Mine]
(You may have to refresh the page to get a fresh set of quotes.)

3. www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. [Mine, by Christin Allen]

If you upload it to Flickr, tag it: "cdcovermeme".

This meme comes to me courtesy of Fuzzy.

Be very careful. This meme is addictive.


I wasn't going to comment but my band name was just too good. Unterpleichfeld. Is that a great band name or what? The album is "But For This Protection" The cover pic is here. I'm thinking my band is a German industrial band. Although the cover art makes me think it is one of those bands that from the 80's that played easy listening music and had TV commercials on in the afternoon during soap operas.

hot damn, this is fun.

Good times.

My album is here.

Lucked out with the artist name, as it actually was an Italian musician. The album name was pretty rough. I thought the pic was real nice.

band name: the birches, county armagh

album name: rest of the day

album cover: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2187404211/

i'm thinking mine is a mekons cover band?

kyanize, that was so good, I couldn't resist - rest of the day

I really like the one my daughter made.

Man I could sit and do this all day. Here are my first three attempts:

Emerging into the inexplicable genre that They Might Be Giants made popular for all nerds across the world, List of Hoodwinked Characters is releasing their debut album "I'm a Mischievous Person." Tracks include "he Sandwich Man", "Critters of Habit", and the hit single "Paul Bunion Cream."

The new album from German death metal band Ludwig Guttmann, entitled "who knew the storm." includes an array of dark guitar-laden tracks including "Commanders of the Order" & "Paralympic Star" as well as a beautiful, haunting, cello and acoustic song, "Home to Toszek."


"Shots You Never Take" by the indie-alternative band Santana do Garambéu, featuring lead singer Pink Sue, has already topped the indie charts with the tune "The Bloody Wedding". Other popular songs include "Brazilian Wax" and "Missed Your Chance, Try Again"

*gasp* i posted mine but it said it needed approval first :-( who can approve it?? and why did it do that, it's never done that before. crazy computers.

I approved it. If this blog is set up like mine it filters comments for approval with more than 2 links so that's probably why it got flagged for approval.

And, Mel, those are fantastic. Well done! Bravo!

Right... I would like some one to explain why a 'Sherman' (first comment) has posted a link to my photo - as he says it is his cover shot. He has not contacted me in any way, asking for permission and use of my photo. Does anyone know how I can contact him?

um. he is NOT taking credit for taking the actual photo. he is playing an online "meme" that, among other things, randomly picks photos from flikr.com and makes a pretend cd/album cover. sherman will definately NOT be making any kind of profit from this game. nor will he be actually using it for an album cover. if anything, you should be happy people are seeing you photos. if you don't want people to view your photos flikr has privacy options. for more information on "meme"s, i would suggest wikipedia.

Wow, I'm sorry I offended you Stefan. I was actually going to download it and put my band name and albou title on it, but I was afraid of copyright infringement. Not that I actually though I would be infringing, but I didn't want to ruffle anybody's feathers. Big mistake. Stefan, kyanize is right(thank you for your defense), I am not using it for anything but to play the game. I liked the photo, but I will make damn sure never to look at any of your photos again. My deepest apologies. Please though, in the future, if you don't want anyone viewing your pictures, DON'T PUT THEM ON THE INTERNET!!!!

Wow, how badly did I spell album?

not to mention thought.

I wasn't aware of the circumstances that these photos were being used as. Therefore I had enquired for an explanation. I was firm about it as there has been too many incidents where people and groups of people who had stolen images from close friends of mine, and then played nasty and threatening. This site and group, as I can see now, is not one of the above.

I was unsure as to why a large % of views were from this site.. as I had no idea of it and hadn't posted to it.

@ kyanize - A thanks for explaining the way this site works. (I did try to look for an answer, but decided to post.)

@Sherman - Thank you for the reply back and your explanation, but please don't be silly about this - "I will make damn sure never to look at any of your photos again".

Now that I understand (which is all I needed in the first place), feel free to look if you like, but you shouldn't have that sense of thinking.

Yes Flickr is a site to share photos, wether it be between friends/family etc. But there is a point in which some people do cross the line, and take images for themselves. If you can understand it from my point, you will see what I mean.

Although, I am okay now with the fact of you obtaining (as I understand this is a random selection) my photo, as I do understand how this is achieved.

Thank you for your honesty.

Sorry I got snippy, but your original comment was attacking me before finding out what was going on. When attacked, I fight back. Wait that should be the name of my album.

Thanks for the fun Monday morning meme

BAND: New Zealand V8s

DEBUT ALBUM: Can Labor in Freedom

COVER SHOT: http://www.flickr.com/photos/niramnaox/2185588824/

My son, Simon, drew "Malcolm Reynolds" and "You'll be shot at" and made this album cover. Yep, my son rocks.

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