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Native & African Americans Speak Out on the War

COMMUNITY FORUM: "Different Perspectives - Native & African Americans Speak Out on the War"

*Wanda Sayers, Women's Transitional Housing
*Tanya M. Sconiers, community member
*Jim Northrup, author & veteran
*Henry Banks, former candidate for city council

-WHERE: Central Hillside Community Center, Duluth MN [on the corner of Lake Ave. & 4th Street E.]

-WHEN: Friday, January 18 at 7pm.

-SPONSOR: Northland Anti-War Coalition, P.O. Box 16853, Duluth MN 55816, (715) 394-6660, http://northlandantiwar.blogspot.com or www.northlandantiwar.com
You're invited to attend and participate in this community forum on how the ongoing war in Iraq is affecting communities of color across America, including in our own community. A panel of local Native and African American community leaders will be sharing their views on the subject. After the panel gives their presentations, there will be an open, moderated discussion in which the public is invited to share their views on the war. All viewpoints are welcome. This event is free and open to everyone.

Join us in holding signs and handing out leaflets against the war!

-DULUTH ANTI-WAR VIGIL: Noon to 1pm, corner of Kenwood Ave. & College Street in Duluth, near the CSS campus. Join us in holding signs and handing out leaflets against the war.

-SUPERIOR ANTI-WAR VIGIL: 4pm to 5pm, corner of Tower Ave. & Belknap, near the Superior Public Library.

All three of the above events are being organized by the Northland Anti-War Coalition as part of the Iraq Moratorium Project. The Iraq Moratorium Project is a national project that is encouraging concerned citizens to organize events in their community about the war in Iraq on every 3rd Friday of the month until the war is ended.


If it's from different perspectives, then why does it seem to be so anti-war?

why don't you show up and find out?

Unfortunately, I can't attend. Friday is bowling night.

Here's something that perplexes me a bit: The "ANTI-WAR VIGIL" takes place from 1-2 PM on Friday afternoon. Don't any of these people work?

Danny, did you really just say that????

Did I really just say what?

All concerned citizens can say goodbye to their third fridays of every month from now until 2090...err..until these vigils bring about the end of the war.

There is a difference between "can't" and "don't want to". And it is perfectly copacetic you don't want to attend, but it would answer your kind of naive question. As to people working, you do realize of course that millions of people work something other then the stereotypical 9-5?
I'm not so sure that the vigils are held for the sole purpose of ending the war, rather more a means of visually asserting that there are people willing to publicly, non-anonymously commit to say they don't feel it is right or just. If you do nothing, even symbolically, then it is assumed you don't care and what happens can happen in your name.

what my associate is trying to say is that you get to drive around with ridiculous magnetic yellow ribbons plastered on your car, and we get to stand on the street corner holding signs.

you don't *have* to support us, but you can't deny us the right.

The whole premise of the Iraq Moratorium is that the odds that doing something will help stop the war are infinitely better than the odds that doing nothing will stop it.

On the website, www.iraqmoratorium.org you'll find lots of ideas of things you can do besides attending a vigil.

Bring back the draft with the war will end tomorrow.

Bring back the draft no deferments the war will end tomorrow.

But, there will ALWAYS be deferments of some sort. It'll start with medical, then hardship and once the ball is rolling then you get all sorts of privilege orientated deferments. I certainly understand what you are saying, but it is just not going to happen. Especially in the middle of a war.

Look at the Viet Nam War though. Certainly there were people who got deferments, but there were people who didn't -- and since so many people lived in fear of them or their loved ones being drafted, there were plenty of demonstrations against the war. This war seems so far away to many of us, as we don't know anyone fighting over there. But I know that if I lived in fear of one of my nephews being drafted, I'd be on the streets, and so would all of my relatives. Like Anarchy says, bring back the draft and the war would end soon -- because if people are being drafted, then the US govt would have to be more accountable to its citizens. And that's the last thing they want to do. And that's why the draftf will not be reinstated. Instead, these poor Natl Guard people and recruits are being forced to extend tours in Iraq and to return there time and time again.

and yes I realize in some ways there really is a draft. It is young people trying to get away from poverty or abusive home situation who make up a portion of our military. Then offer them 10 or 20 thousand dollars cash to join. The worse the economy the better it is for the military. Of course you also have those in the military that would go to war with Canada and kill Canadians if Bush got a vision from god for them to do so. They would do whatever their commander and chief said no matter what.

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