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looking for things

I going to go out and look at things .
I think we should do a solar intersection at Lake and Superior includeing one of those trees. We should do it with DCB and DS . You know right with left . We could do it with music


Gold Star to Frank for Most Consistently Inexplicable Posts to PDD.

The white crow flies at midnight. Fox will be in the hole. The things will be sought. SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!

I agree you. Flour makes more speedy. The thing is, and this is true, it yawnly forward. Saturn?

The chair is against the wall.

Help Desk translation:

I have wandered forth and investigated reality. And I have come to the belief that a demonstration of photovoltaic technology at the highly visible intersection of Lake Avenue and Superior Street should occur. It would be advisable to incorporate a tree into the demonstration. I am unable to communicate the reasons for such. This task should be undertaken with the aid and/or cooperation of organizations whose names are generally discollated into the following: DCB, and DS. Both corners of the intersection, right and left, should be utilized for the photovoltaic demonstration. As well, audible music may, or could, be interpolated into the cosign segment of the demonstrational equation.

- End Help Desk
GMT 14:52:36
Mumbai, India

I found your thing. I put it in the mail. GAUNTLET!

Captain's Log, Stardate 0801225.2058 -
Reconnaissance Report: As we plot a location for our outpost we have encountered a solar intersection. Request assistance from USS Lake and USS Superior. Inform DCB and DS and all relevant agencies. We have it on screen now. It looks like... a tree! It's like... there's music... music everywhere... [static]

- End Transmission

i think he means the tree is the solar device posted a while back that looks like a fancy tree art sculpture. DCB is the citizen's blog and DS is PDD. (?) i think that's a great idea, to turn the central hillside community center park into a solar demonstration project. maybe the public art fund could pay for some of it.

oh, he said lake and superior. well that would work too. MN Power could kick in...do you think the solar tree can be made of coal?

for what it's worth, i took frank's comment to mean exactly the same as what maria said.

Just to clear up my most recent entre. I should have said solar tree, more specifically the one displayed at the Ringstrasse square in Vienna Austria and also at the La Scala opera house in Milan. DCB would be Duluth Citizen Blog and DS would be Duluth Solutins. I think we can pretty much can assume That Lake and Superior relates to an intersection in Duluth. Having music there would be a good idea but not what I had in mind.
This really related to this stupid idea I had when someone posted a picture of The Solar Tree and I thought it would look good in the MPL plaza. Jumping as I useually do I expanded the idea to getting one of these solar trees and then expanding the idea to the stop lights and other streelights plus the exterior lighting on the store fronts. I think I also mentioned that somebody could probably even start a business in there somewhere. The music things comes in as I was thinking we could put on music events to supply the money to purchase the tree. From there I went to including the community. DCB could have All star hockey games or maybe even Have a combination monster truck, drag racing down on Garfield. Maria you right about the art fund that the city owes the art community. Last estimate I heard was in the neighborhood of 100,000 to 1,ooo,ooo dollars. I was just thinking of the city of Duluth presenting a green look to companies such as Acciona so maybe we could attrach some jobs.
The stupid thing about this idea is not the idea but that it could be understood. The great thing is that the city is going to put a skywalk accross Lake st. at a cost of 1,400,000.
I haven't decided whether to give up things. It getting to much response


Wow, Vicarious, you haven't caught on to the gauntlet yet, have you? Too many things on your mind?

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