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i'm as popular as corey haim

This week, our loft was redecorated for the HGTV program "Decorating Cents". For two days they redesigned our loft using the inspiration of us as artists and the inspiration of the natural colors of the brick and exposed wood. They did a great job. We were unsure of first at the paint color, but now really love it and it adds so much warmth to the room. They also did a great job of separating the living area from the office/work area while still keeping the flow of the loft. The episode will air sometime in June, July, or August.

Here are the before and after pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/spinler/HGTVDecoratingCents

Of course, now we have to figure out what to do with the rest of the loft.

From HGTV-Decorati...


Wow, where do you live??

Very nice! I always wondered what it's actually like to be on one of those shows, and if the end results look as good in person as they do on TV. Be warned, next time I visit my friends who (I think) live in your building I might knock on your door to take a peek.

WOW! I'm glad the "risk" of having strangers decorate for you paid off so big. Where are lofts in Duluth? Downtown? Congrats.

Our loft is in St. Paul in the Carleton Artist Lofts.

And ms dean, if you're thinking of dr. thunder, he does indeed live in our building.

Cool pics Neal, looks like they did a great job. Did they force you to live like pariahs in the community room while they worked?

Hi Christine.

That looks awesome Neal! Boy, you've come a long way since you were my intern. I'm still living in my run-down duplex in the armpit of Duluth.

That is so awesome!

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