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I triple-dog dare you!

CHESTERTON, IN: Single-digit temperatures brought a scene right out of the movie "A Christmas Story" to two students at Jackson Elementary School on Friday morning.

The two fourth-grade boys, who served flag duty to raise and lower the flag for the school, stuck their tongues to the flagpole and spent the rest of the day in pain and embarrassment.

"The nurse called us and said the boys' tongues were bleeding," said Billie Dempsey, mother of Gavin Dempsey, who celebrated his 10th birthday Friday.

"The nurse asked them, 'OK, who double-dog dared who?' But they weren't admitting to what they did and said they just bit their tongues. When she told me there were a couple of layers taken off, I thought, 'Oh no, he's on flagpole duty,'" Dempsey said.

When she arrived at the school, her son admitted to what he did.

"My tongue still sort of hurts from what I did. I decided to try it because I thought all of the TV shows were lies, but turns out I was wrong," Gavin Dempsey said.

Karen Alexander, mother of James Alexander, laughs when asked about the event.

"I thought it was pretty silly of him. I asked him where he got the idea, and he said 'The Christmas Story.' I can't believe he did it, but they learned their lesson," she said.

James said he plans on eating a lot of ice cream to help nurse his wound.

"When you're young, you're just messing around," he said.

Billie Dempsey said the school nurse could not recall having an injury like this at the school.

"You don't think your own kid would do something like this," she said with a laugh.


I hate gauntleting on my own posts. It seems tacky. GAUNTLET!

Oh yeah, baby! GAUNTLET!

Eat my leathery basketball, Vicarious!

i've done that tongue on a pole thing twice. i like to make double sure that something is a bad decision.

Here's a question. If a gauntlet run falls in the forest and nobody give a crap, does it make a sound? I guess we'll find out. By the by, I found my badge. I found it in the box with my old Atari 2600 games. I'm back so you better clean up your act.

I see your Pitfall, BP and raise you Pong!

Can't tongues just be unstuck by pouring warm water on the pole? I've always wondered about that.

One might think, Berv, but I'm not eager to experiment. In any event [theorizing], it might be tough to wait (motionless) with a damp piece of your bare flesh contacting a -15F flagpole for the minute or three required for somebody to return with that glass of warm water.

My brother did that once. I'll never forget laughing at him as he tried to tell me to go get help...

My genius/sadistic older sister made me and my little sister stick our tongues to the metal ice cube tray - same results and I can tell you that ripping it off takes off many layers of skin (my outcome) while pouring warm water over it gently loosens the tongue (my little sister, the lucky bitch).

But most kids who are outside and stuck to a flagpole probably just rank it off there before anyone can run up with some hot water.

I like the title of the post, so what is the order of dares?

Double dare
Double dog dare
Triple dare
Triple dog dare

In this scenario, the word "dog" could be replaced by "and a half".

Any thoughts?

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