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Hassle @ the Castle

53 copy.jpg
whats the story? c'mon fess up...anyone who was there, report please...was Gartman invloved? Is Charlie ok? Do tell...


maybe andy olson showed up and hilarity ensued.

Where'd the photo come from?


This is true.

I overheard someone talking about a "bunch of drunks" trashing the Lakeview Castle, but no details other than that (and really I have no idea that it's related at all to that photo, but I just think it's fun to put quote marks around "bunch of drunks" - see? How fun!)

baci = gimp.

Actually, the picture is true..."The Castle" is SO hot right now!!!! You should check it out!!!! Sometimes we have music...every weekend!
P.S. I think Gartman was involved.


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