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Funnier that Cats!

I'd like to encourage everyone to support the Duluth Playhouse by going to see "The Trial of Goldilocks," which is running Thursday and Friday evenings this week, two afternoon performances Saturday, and a Sunday afternoon final show. This show is funnier than Cats, and there are some really excellent performances by this city's finest child actors, including my own daughter, half of a chair that Goldilocks sits on and breaks. Pat Castellano and Jean Sramek are directing "The Trial of Goldilocks," so you know it's going to be brilliant!


My son is going to the show for a field trip tomorrow!

I heard it is very good!

It's funny as hell, with funny lines that hold double meanings -- the adults will get a kick out of some of the cultural references. I think Ironic1 and my daughters both steal the show -- but then I'm biased.

I wouldn't compare this production to Cats. I just don't like Cats. To me saying something is better in any way than Cats is like saying something is better than sticking red hot skewers in your eyes.

That said, I really enjoyed the production, but, as Claire said, I'm biased.

Ironic1 Did you even see the Duluth Playhouse's rendition of "Cats?" Brilliant, brilliant, put Broadway to shame. But then I am Allan Fields's biggest fan.

Nope, didn't see it. I'll take your word for it though.

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