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Free Beer at Depot Helps People with Disabilities

Adventure Film Festival at 8PM (including Hansi Johnson's Cross-country with the Snakes
$13 tickets
FREE beer from 7-9PM
Proceeds benefit Courage Duluth: Physical fitness and leisure activities are a vital part of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Courage Duluth’s Sports and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of recreation and competitive sports programs to enhance independence, improve self-confidence, and encourage an active, healthy lifestyle for people with physical disabilities. Programs are designed to help participants develop lifelong interests and reach for their highest potential.



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I should point out that the spam lyrics were in regards to the spam comment that was posted here, not the OP by Adam. Sorry for any confusion.

The film festival was excellent. The attendance was large, the films were top-notch and the humorous commentary throughout ran rampant. Congratulations to Fluid Groove and all the other coordinators for a festival well-done.

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