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electric cars

Israel announced today that they plan to install 500.000 recharging stations and battery swap stations in the next 18 months for electric cars being made by Renault . Peres sets goal to be over oil in 10 years thru the use of electric cars and solar power


A great article by Maureen Dowd here commenting on Bushes recent mid-east vacay.

"In Abu Dhabi, he marveled at the royal family’s plans to build a city based entirely upon renewable energy. “Amazing, isn’t it?” W. said.

You know you’re in trouble when your Middle East oil pump is greener than you are. "


So then, I should go to a recharging station to get my electricity that they just cut off in the Gaza?

"No juice for you, filthy Palestinian!"
-the electricity nazi

I have no idea why the oil barons would want to spend all the money to build a replacement for the fuel they already have. Maybe they really are environmentally concious, I don't know.

As for Israel, they have an obvious interest in getting the alternative energy ball rolling. If the Saudis fund as much terror as everyone says then putting them out of business would serve many purposes.

I like Maureen. By the chance did any of the pictures of that house get posted? The Israelis are doing this because gas is 6.85 cents a gallon and they really do worry about national security. It's a noteworthy moment in time. A whole nation committing to solar and electric cars.

An electric car is a thing.

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