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Early Warning - Next Thursday



I just need another day or so to work out my open source browser options and USB tools that will pwn yer' WIN boxes..

Could we postpone for like a week until I can figure what phat warez to l0adz onto my keychain thumb drive?? I can't remember the name, but I like the one that slaves your crappy PC to mine!

If you think I'm kidding--what do they say--you're not paying enough attention?

I guess keep in mind that my best nerd friend Tod's been walking around w/ a LINUX distro, MS A-V tools and straight-from-the-thumb-drive network sniffers since keychains were available.

I really just want wi-fi DJ jamming.

I did hear the Back Orifice is back in production and predict: removable, flash media to be their most savvy vector.

I have never heard of this!
This is such an invitation for inappropriate debauchery...in a good way.

Hmmm, for security reasons, it might be wise to have the music machine be linux. Or perhaps something even more obscure like BeOS. Fun idea, though.

Why do you vandals have to come along and ruin everything? This is why we can't have nice things.

Because anarchy is fun. Try it!

Argh!!! Why do I have to work Thursday evening?!?

Great idea!

Very cool idea. I think I'll bring a flash drive and my GAUNTLET!

I had no idea so many in Duluth were so tech savvy... I thought the tech village and its tenants was the extent of it.

The event seems like a great idea, I wonder what the RIAA would have to say about it.

I haven't used Back Orifice since I was a juvenile.. it sure brings back the memories.

Does anyone have a GAUNTLET drive to spare?

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