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Duluth Toddler Rockers Unite!


OMG! It's like Seinfeld - singing about nothing but you can pull so much out of it.
Is she 3? To be that age and singing about your own world view!! Priceless!
My kids went straight to angst metal and smashed the guitar before giving any substance or hint of creativity.

she isn't very good i can't understand what she's singing about at all

It's too bad the Carmody show on the 14th is past her bedtime. She'd be a killer headliner.


My guess is she's only 2. Very cute.

& there go the strings of my heart

sharksattack you have no class. How do you think all great talent starts? I bet most of us can't understand wtf you talk about most of the time.

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zra...I am sorry you are right. I was up too late and she was so cute that I made a mistake.

it's like jandek, only cute.

i would like to hear a whole album of this. i'm not even hardly kidding.

She should join my daughter's band. She's calling it "Sci Fi Action Violence."

My speakers aren't working. :( However, I do have two 2-year-olds who would love to be in her band. They are awesome on the ukelele, piano, and are especially superb at banging stuff.

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