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Duluth Solutions is looking for folks to take part in online book discussions

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Hey, folks! Chris Correia from Duluth Solutions here. I'm looking for folks to discuss books online on the Duluth Solutions discussion forum.

Are you part of an existing club or group which currently meets face to face and is interested in, or willing to, expand your discussion to include other people online? Are you someone who is interested in connecting online to discuss books with others?

I'll set up a specific discussion board on Duluth Solutions for each book that clubs/groups/people want to discuss. My hope is that people are interested in expanding discussion of books and ideas to a broader group than those people with whom we naturally or usually associate.

Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested or have any questions


I like books and, you know, since I've already commented on so many things, I might as well go for the GAUNTLET!!!

I always intend to join a book club, but I really just like reading the books I want to read and not what someone thinks I should read. I especially like books about GAUNTLETS!

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