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DANNY DOES DULUTH - EP 11 - Mouth-breathers and Pimps

Sometimes you can just tell when absolutely no preperation was put into an episode. This is one of those times. On today's show:
-Lew Latto is a phony
-Peggy Anderson is a mouth-breather
-The Ness's are ugly turds
-Dennis Anderson is a pimp
All this and more! Enjoy!




I hate you Danny.

I read on the Shittizens Bog a few days ago that you weren't gonna be advert'in your podcasts on PDD anymore. You know your shit's bad when the nutjobs over at the DSB doesn't even want your postings.

For a moment there I thought you were serious.


"I hate you Danny" is officially my favorite review of Danny Does Duluth. Hey Candidate, would you mind recording that on an MP3 and emailing it to me. It would be a welcome addition to the intro of the show.

If the comments are disabled, is the gauntlet thwarted? I refuse to comment on Danny Does Duluth. Oh well, gauntlet!

I've been getting alot of complaints (well, two) that the comments aren't working on the DDD site. Sorry.

Thanks for commenting on how you refuse to comment, tamara. That was very cute.

danny...here's a piece of advice for you and your "p***y friends:" Get over yourselves.

You want everyone here to listen to your shitty little hack of a podcast, then turn and slag this blog and its users with your buddies over on that other blog. There's a word for people like you where I come from. Chickenshit.

You need to get over yourself.

You make claims that your shitty little hack of a podcast will "change the way duluth thinks."

Get over yourself.

You like to keep fanning the "blog war" b.s. because it gives you and your buddies over there something to masturbate to.

Really...get over yourselves.


I would hardly call the posters over at DCB my friends. They don't seem to like me (nor DDD) much either. Maybe you PDD'ers and the DCB'ers can all come together and form an unholy union of hatred towards me and my shitty little hack of a podcast.

And that's sort of what's weirding me out about your post...you call DDD a "shitty little hack podcast" and rip on my "claims" to change the way Duluth thinks. You do realize that from day one I was saying that my podcast is both shitty and hacky, right? You do realize that I too realize that I'm not going to change the way Duluth thinks, right? That's sort of the joke.

You're dumb.

"That's sort of the joke."

Just not a very funny one. Sorry, I know zra and adam, don't feed the trolls.

Yeah, because "don't feed the trolls" is the epitome of humor.

Danny, I want to "do" you.

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