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couch surfing

Has anyone ever used the service www.couchsurfing.com? We're doing a trip to the UK in March and we're looking for the best way to save money while also meeting locals. With the current exchange rate, it's expensive to even stay in a hostel. I saw a few Duluthians listed on the site but wanted to see if anyone had firsthand experience.


One of my friends from college has been doing that out in L.A. for a while now (as a host to travelers passing through)--she loves it.

I've been a couchsurfer for quite a while and have surfed in Scotland, Norway, and Germany. I've also hosted people - in fact I had two couchsurfers from Texas for a week last week. It's one of the best things in the whole world. DO IT DO IT. Also, if you're heading to Glasgow, Scotland at all, let me know, as I can hook you up with the person I stayed with.

Thanks Mel. Glasgow is actually one of our destinations. Can you send me the link for their profile? Mine is http://www.couchsurfing.com/people/enealio

And ECP, thanks for the info. Good site, but I the CS site seems a bit easier to navigate. Both are great ideas though.

Weirdly the couch surfing page is blocked by my employer. Huh. Anyway, I'm in Bristol (though from Duluth, so not exactly a local) and have friends in Leeds if either city is on your itinerary...

I've got a fiend in a beautiful tropical locale right now. She met the best couple to stay with by using couch surfer. She highly recommends it, she's even got a cute little one with her!

A fiend, eh? Is there a category for fiend on Couchsurfer?

"Fellow fiend seeks fiend to stay with, perhaps engage in fiendish behavior?"

"I'll be your fiend if you be mine?"

"BFF! Best Fiends Forever!"

(sorry, I really couldn't resist...)

oh, gauntlet, btw!

Hey! More Minnesotans in Glasgow in March - I love it! I live just south of Duluth and will be in Glasgow over Easter...watch out Scotland - the Minnesotans are coming, the Minnesotans are coming!

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