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Blondie vs. Bowie

With respect to Mr Bowie, I couldn't locate a vid clip, but this audio should suffice...


I think Blondie will surprise the audience with her tenacity and ability to duck and weave, making the Duke work for every blow, but eventually the blunt force of Bowie's relentless drive will wear down even the vivacious Miss B and she'll go down in the seventh round. That's my prediction.

actually, I've been thinking a lot about the similarities between these two songs. Ordinarily stuff like this irritates the hell out of me (ex: Kid Rock's blatant rip off of Warren Zevon and Lynard Skynard...don't ask me how I know.), but I'm not convinced Blondie ripped on Bowie. I just think the two sound nice together.

I *heart* David Bowie. Especially his Labyrinth days. Damn you, Iman!

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