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ATPH @ The Main



This may be the best pairing of bands ever.

nope. monkees with jimi hendrix opening wins.

Yup,about the same comparison...Good bands none the less!!!

Best concert poster ever. Who's the model and what's her phone number? (Or his phone number, considering this is ATPH.)

All the pretty ponies can't compare to my Apocalypse Pony!

rex: the monkees actually toured with jimi hendrix. i'm not making a comparison to this show. just mentioning my personal favorite double-bill in rock history.

it's either that or poison with alice in chains. they toured together once, i guess.

Mine would have been Babes in Toyland, Social Distortion, Sonic Youth, and Neil Young with Crazy Horse at the Target center.

Paul Simon & Bob Dylan. Damn, I wish I had seen that concert! GAUNTLET!

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