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What Santa Didn't Bring Me

And the worst part is, for all I know, next Christmas might be too late.


Oooh. goody. My daughter just gave up the bedrail that keeps her from rolling out of bed, so now I can install one for her too.

"many customers are buying one for EACH SIDE of the bed!" --

I'm already trying to mount my skeet thrower too.

i wonder if it works with futons.

If that's the Back Up, what in hell's the primary response?

I hate when I have to reach all the way under the bed to get my shotgun.


i'd prefer a shotgun to any other weapon in a home invasion scenario. very few sounds can invoke a spontaneous pissing of the pants quite like the sound of a 12 gauge being cocked in a pitch black room.

Wow. I agree with someone on this site. Scary.

As Zra says, the sound of a shell being racked into the chamber is a scary one indeed. The only problem I have with the shotguns shown in the commercial is that the barrels are too long. 18" barrel is the perfect size for home invader repellent. Longer will work, but you give up some manuverability.

My personal choice?

Remington 870 in matte black(no sense letting light hit it and show the bad guys where you are) with the 18" barrel.

Jesus. I thought my bed frame was a shin-buster.

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