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Canal Park - Magic Evening Light


Wow. Amazing photo. very cool.



Quite nice.

Nice photo, the question is...what kind of camera?

It was taken with a Canon 5D with a 24-105mm EF-L lens at f/9 and 90-second exposure.


Sweet! I was beginning to wonder if my new HD computer monitor at work was really necessary.

Thanks, Toneman.

Beauty way to go.

Love my 5D too.

Nice! Any chance you can put up the original (and larger) version somewhere your average PDD'er can grab it?

Looks photoshopped.

No, YOU look photoshopped, poophead.

I don't think it looks Photoshoped (star filter and tripod is all you need here)and wonder what would prompt the comment?

Flugelhorn, I just linked it to the larger version on my photo site. Enjoy!

Tom, I used Photoshop to reduce the file size, and to sharpen it. It was shot in RAW, which gave me an 11.4 megapixel file. It isn't terribly difficult to shoot photos like this, as long as you have a tripod and patience. I lit the rocks with a handheld light for 20 seconds of the long exposure (I double-checked, and it was a 158-second exposure, so longer than I thought). I kept the ISO at 100 to reduce noise, and used my in-camera noise reduction filter. I didn't use a star filter. That is a natural effect from the lens aperture shutters.

Yes - beautiful photos - nice work


Really beautiful pictures. Nice job. I used to take pics in college, which is now (ugh) 20 years ago but never had anything like this. Keep it up.

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