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I think we'd see more accurate poll results if the question were phrased more simply. Just an opinion ...

What, like "Booze? No booze?"

Also, shouldn't only Lakeside residents be allowed to vote?

it is interesting though (and I agree ideally only lakesidder should vote), but even here, which is generally boozecentric, there are about 20 people who voted no.

I voted "no" because of the wording of the question. I don't think it is up to the city of Duluth to rescind this unilaterally. The question in my mind is one of proper procedure.

I have to say, I disagree with people who say only Lakesiders should vote on this issue -- whatever happens, it does impact the entire city in some way, whether it means that people decide to move into or out of Lakeside as a result (farfetched, yes) or whether people from other areas of town would visit Lakeside more to dine or to pick up some bubbly. It would set a bad precedent if neighborhoods started holding referenda on projects or resolutions that they considered affecting only them. We may as well all split up into our own little city-lets then. Actually, not a bad idea. . . . I could be the mayor of Chester Park!

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