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It's baaack...


At the risk of being catty, it looks like a middle school dropout redesigned the page.... but at least you can clearly see who it's "brought to you by..."

It's also nice to know that they haven't changed one little bit during their hiatus. It's almost... comforting... yeah, that's it. Comforting.


Didn't take them long to fire a shot along the bow at us...
"Fri Nov 30 19:36:31 2007 - [Six] By: Ben Dover
Congrats Tony R! I am very pleased that you and your team have opened up the DCB. I was getting sick of reading the ludicrous comments over at the DRR, Duluth Rump Runners website. Those clowns are arguing over the rental zoning ordinance that I had explained months ago already. Some rocket scientist over there just had a lightbulb go on in his head that the ordinance may not be as good as they had previously thought. One of them can't sell, nor rent their home or something. HELLO!!!! Also interesting is that Mr. Ness has not bothered to check in there since the election. I guess this means that the election is over. And from Claire I would like to know if the DCB did or did not have any bearing on the elections. You state that the DCB purpose was to have an effect on local elections but that it did not work. Then you state that the DCB is responsible for Laurie Johnson getting beat. Do you lefties ever think before you open your yaps? Is it possible that my favorite buddy Tony, I mean Dave B actually lost his name to a new blogger? Don't fret, he will find another name to use but his writing style can be seen all the way from Lakeside to the Fed Bldg. It is good to know that we will all be getting our moneys worth from him now that the DCB is back online.

Watch your Six! For those center to right this means Ass.

If you act like an idiot, talk like an idiot, or are an idiot, you better watch your Six!

Ben Dover is back!"

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Which reminds me on a related note of John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.

So who is the trust fund baby that is funding this sight? Someone on the DCB doesn't think too highly of our little site ans thinks we are all rich. Well, at least the idiocy in this town is nice and coralled to one area again!

I gotta say I've gotten kind of bored about the DCB. There isn't much there that is really interesting, even on a political/policy level, and I love a good political back and forth. It just seems to be a bunch of complainers who don't have their shit together beyond griping on the internet. T E D I O U S.

it may be that the site has just been reopened, but there seems to be an almost overwhelming attitude of arrogance (watch your asses, you commie fascist liberals, we're back!...yeah, whaddayagonnado, beat me up?) coming from their veteran posters...from what I can gather, the site's being officiated officially by a Tony Ramone...it even says it at the top.

After reading quite a few of Mr. Ramone's postings it's not surprising that he'd bring the DCB back from the ashes, as his own highly self-promoted weblog doesn't seem to do much to provoke as much whining as the DCB...Ramone's got all the ambition of a sociopath who's trying to make himself out to be some sort of hero by bringing back the Duluth Citizens Bog. Ben Dover and the rest of his cronies are all oblivious to this and are fully on board for the Tony Ramone Ego Train.

I'm betting that, given the viciousness of the postings just in the first few hours of its return, its demise by lawsuit by slander and libel isn't too far off.


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The dope who uses the pseudonym Ben Dover is this Tony Ramone, and host of other sock puppets. He is probably responsible for more than eighty percent of the content on the DCB message board. He seems to be obsessed with bending over.

Those who dare submit dissenting opinions will be spoofed or impersonated. He actually went to the trouble of obtaining a gmail address similar to mine and started using my name when posting some of his idiocy. I really think he might be slightly disturbed.

Man, Tony. You are really pissed about the DCB. Does anyone ever care about it being a "fraud" other than you?

Chill out. It's Christmas time.

From DCB: "Does anyone know where the Perfect Duluth Day (PDD) ,web site obtains it's funding ? I suspect that it is somehow funded by trust fund brats and or possibly funded under the table by some local anti-progress / non-profit organization. Well anyways, you all have a Perfect Duluth Day and watch your wallets and bungholes."

Yes, I admit to being the sole anti-progress non-profit organization who funds PDD. Each January 13th at precisely midnight I secretly place a check for $207.87 under Barrett's pillow (don't tell Barrett!). My only condition for my great benevolence is that PDD only allow gay, trust-funded, organic-soy-milk-drinking individuals to post very, very, very liberal opinions. Thank you very much.

Danny, I think the DCB is a joke, and it should be pointed out that one guy is responsible for the majority of the comments. It would be no big deal if no one took it seriously, but unfortunately some people, who should know better, like Brandon Stahl, sometimes do.

Click on my name for an example of the kind of crap that the DCB has posted in the past.

Tony, I've been to your little blog. That's sort of what I'm talking about. I get the impression that you're just some angry little man sitting in a one-room apartment stewing over a dopey Duluth forum and trying to expose some grand conspiracy. Perspective, dude.


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"Vaporators! Sir -- My first job was programming binary load lifters... very similar to your vaporators. You could say..."

"This blog costs $$ each month to operate."

It shouldn't. Well, the domain name does, like $10 or less A YEAR. Anyone who would run a blog that actually costs a significant amount of money is an idiot, considering WordPress and Blogger are 100% free and 100% customizable.

...Well, unless you go through Northern Visual Services which charges twice the price of anyone else:


Besides, by registering the site through a buisness, all of his blogging is probably billable time and tax deductible.


Also, what is a "Blog Counter?"

I've always accepted that Ben Dover get an enema, but he's never bothered. Hence his uppity behavior. Just a little pudnocker.

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