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I own that album - inherited from dear ol' dad.
I dare you to post a Ventures!

Two thoughts: Why bother with the rose, and what was she doing to get that big dollop of whipped cream on her head?

i'll do heysme one better--although I don't own that album, I used to listen to it voraciously when i was a kid in the 70s. my belgian grandma had a copy of it in the giant console cabinet stereo record player she had. the cabinet of that thing weighed about a ton and a half. she had it tucked in with the benny goodman and sons of the pioneers records. that album was probably what shaped my future nonexistent career as a brass player, and probably some of my ideas about sexuality.

i hear there's a guy in duluth named rain clave who is the illegitimate son of the tijuana brass and the girl from ipanema. do you know him?

easily one of the most influential album covers of my adolescence.

One of my favorite dollar-bin finds from the Fetus' Vinyl Basement.

i have several herb alpert albums but my fav is "what now my love". in my youth i listened to it endlessly in mono on the hi-fi.

In theme with the holidays, my sister and I would listen to Herb Alpert's "The Bell That Couldn't Jingle" over and over and cry the whole time. It was very disturbing to a 6 and 4 year old.

This is on of my band's staples. Both in music and desert toppings. BTW, Tangier 57 is not dead yet. We're holed up trying to craft our album, Last Night Never Happened. If you like the Herb, you'll like T57.

i also have the herb alpert x-mas cd!

Inherited from Dad. Multiple other copies also attained from Goodwill's around the Midwest.

the bass player in my high school punk band re-created this shot fot her senior picture. i thought that was pretty f-in' clever...

My roommate’s cell phone ringtone is a song from this album…

I came across this and thought of PDD: http://offlineadventures.com/blogstuff/whipped.jpg

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