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December 31, 2007


We're back in the saddle again!
After being M.I.A. for a few weeks due to technical issues, the northland's favorite podcast is back. REJOICE!
On this episode:
-Danny gives a short run-down of his podcast history
-Ashley and Danny reads some of his feedback about the first two episodes. Features comments from posters on redandnater.com, perfectduluthday.com, and duluthcitizensblog.com
-A reading of the DNT's in-depth article about Duluth's soon-to-be first lady, the amazing Laura Ness
-Ashley plays a new clip from Lew Latto Live


happy new year

Park Point Eco Home Open House


Fantastic opportunities for ecological living in an urban environment. Very cozy; somewhat precarious. Stop by for a self-tour any time. Don't wait for the thaw.

Happy New Year

Make your own disco ball

2007 Best of PDD.

What a year. Here are my picks for the best of PDD-2007.

1. Twelve Moons.
2. Umbrella skate sailing with dog.
3. I got my goggles on.
4. the Reader Weekly's Andrew Olson doesn't like me, my bands, my friends or my friends' bands.... so i guess this means life just isn't worth living...
5. Park Point blizzard aftermath
6. Local Trophy-Maker has Never Won an Award (4th alt. ending)
7. From the Photo Archive | Circa 1979
8. Joker's Wild-Loopers Unite!
9. Homegrown Kickball Review
10. Just one week left ...
11. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
12. Left Wing Nut Job
13. But what will you do at these dives?
14. Where's the good life in Duluth?
15. Canal Park - Magic Evening Light

Blogger of the year award goes to Mr. Paul Lundgren. Every one of his "From the photo archive" series could have been a best of the year post, we could all learn from Paul.

Meme of the year goes to the "Totally Awesome Baseball Player of the Night" started by Sherman on September 17.

Banner of the year award goes to whoever uploaded this gem.

Thanks for visiting PDD and have a wonderful 2008 everyone.

Trash: (or, another one for Frank)


Ari Derfel of San Francisco started saving his trash in Dec of 2006...just to see how much he'd accumulate.

Check some of the comments on his blog...I find it interesting (and almost humerous) that conducting an experiment of this type really set a bunch of neo-conservative meme trolls on their ears...

December 30, 2007

Diorama-rama 3


Get out your crafting pants! The time has come for Diorama-rama 3. A collective showcase of dioramas and music. Featuring Taconite, Dance Band, David & the Goliaths and Poorus. Saturday, January 26th, 8pm. All-ages. $5 requested donation. Emerson Gym, 1030 W. 3rd St. More info: diorama3 [at] live [dot] com.

Backcountry Powder in Duluth

This weekend my friend Henry and I decided to make the best of the ample snow in the hills of Duluth. We both have a history of living in the mountains and spend a good amount of time hiking and skinning the steeps to find the best off-piste turns. Living in Duluth doesn't offer a whole lot of the steep and deep so we decided to go for a hike and do some skiing - regardless of whether it was only five or eight turns instead of the 50 or 100 we'd have gotten out West . Watch the 2:08 video we put together on YouTube.

Tag NY Confetti

NEW YORK (AP) -- Messages and wishes for the new year from people around the world will float down on the New Year's Eve revelers in Times Square when the confetti is dropped.
Personalize NYE Confetti

For the first time, anyone can get a message printed on a piece of the multicolored confetti by visiting the Times Square Information Center or by using the Internet to type a message on a "Wishing Wall Online".
The message-carrying pieces will be mixed among the more than one ton of confetti, organizers said.
Messages can be serious or silly, said Tim Tompkins, a spokesman for the Times Square Alliance, which organizes the party.
So far, messages have included everything from wanting to be taller or having a smarter boss to healthy children and asking for the safe return of a child from Iraq, he said. "Peace in the World," reads one posted on the "virtual wishing wall."
"Another person wrote that they wanted their husband to get a green card so that they could join them here in the states."

Via CNN.

What Santa Didn't Bring Me

And the worst part is, for all I know, next Christmas might be too late.

December 29, 2007

ready for the dioramarama


why cant we?

solar_tree_2_milan_credit_ unknown.jpg
For Frank!
Solar Tree

December 28, 2007

i can't take it anymore!

in recent light of these dipshits:

i've decided to live the rest of my life like this:

just saying......

December 27, 2007

College Radio on a Thursday Night

Best of 20072.JPG

December 26, 2007

MP3 players

I'm looking to buy an MP3 player to put most of my music library on (~200 CD's or so). Considering an 80 GB Ipod classic but read that the interface is slow. Any recommendations out there? I also have a new 4GB pink Ipod nano for sale on craigslist.

December 25, 2007



No joke! Here's the message from Slug on www.rhymesayers.com/atmosphere:

as a way to thank all of our supporters, ant and i have put together this party favor.

it's called "strictly leakage." thirteen songs to chase away the winter doldrums.
free and downloadable at this link : Right Click and Save as...

it's great for first dates, crappy houseparties, or to play in the backround while you google yourself again.

is downloadable a word?
what's a doldrum?

nonetheless, thank you for the love, and please have a happy safe holiday.

oh yeah, i almost forgot,
"sad clown bad winter 11" is available now, and a new album from atmosphere, "when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold" will be available on april 22 2008.

December 24, 2007

my gift to you all

Calvin's Snowmen


Ah, winter through the eyes of Calvin and Hobbes…oh the nostalgia! This collection made my day!

Unfortunately for us all of the snow in Chicago is gone and all we are left with is frozen piles of leaves. No white Christmas in the city. Sigh.

Season's Greetings!

lester park pc.jpg

I'll have the nerf medallions, thank you very much!





Great White North Christmas special

December 23, 2007

Where's the good life in Duluth?

Download file

I'm set to move to Duluth this spring - my husband was offered a job, and we're neighborhood shopping. I'm hoping this will spur some neighborhood pride amongst the natives and folks will open up about the places they live.

We have two kids - one in 1st grade and preschooler and would love to be able to walk to a few things and meet other people with children.

So, where's the good life?

Happy Hoilday ya Hoseheads

Spent the day NOT driving when I was suppose to, instead I spent the day with the new turntable and Audacity converting a number (what number exactly?) of old LPs into MP3s... including ...


How could you forget your glove in this weather?


Since Minnesota doesn't have this yet, I figured I'd do my best to help my fellow Viking fan.

Your missing glove is at the entry to the dog park at Keene Creek Park.

Bridge Closings?

Does anyone know if there's a site out there that alerts/warns about Blatnik/Bong bridge closings due to inclement weather (like today)? Anybody know if such a thing exists?

Most memorable Christmas moments

I was going to post about my most favorite Christmas (2001), but I felt it was potentially too melancholy and maudlin. Then I started watching tonight's SNL (Steve Martin as host ca. 1993) and realized how much of an impact that particular episode made on me as a high schooler and began doubting my own memories about my most favorite Chrismas.

That being said -- this may be my most memorable Christmas moment. I truly wish I had video.

In 1999 (correct me if I'm wrong), Starfire put on a Christmas show. (There may have been an informal show in 1998 with the Handsome Family, but I may be making stuff up. But I still was at that show.)

According to my memory, Louis Jenkins reads some poetry, Low played some music (including the famous declaration that "this may be the only time you ever dance to Low"), snow fell from the ceiling of the NorShor and Trailer Trash played.

However, the best part of the evening was as the Black Labels played their [presumably] original composition, "F*** You Santa". I believe that Low had just come out with their Christmas album, so there was a fairly large contingent of middle-aged KUMD listeners. As best I can recollect, the lyrics to the song were:

"F*** you, Santa
Screw you, Santa
F*** you, Santa
Screw you, Santa
F*** you Santa, you've been screwing me all these years"

The gist of the song was that ever since Ben moved out of his parents' house, Santa had been neglecting him.

People left in droves. This was immensely satisfying. I can't say that the Black Labels intended to drive out the squares, but it did the trick. A more sensitive person might now say, "Hey, those people just wanted to hear 'The Little Drummer Boy,' as featured on that Gap commercial." But at the time ...

December 22, 2007


After spending a couple holiday seasons abroad, I returned poo-pooing the extravagant, gaudy Christmas displays in America. Now that I have a child, though, I am absolutely giddy about the kitsch and events surrounding this season. I love Christmas in the Northland.

This year the little pirate and I went to "Scrooge" at the Playhouse (btw, really good production), "The Nutcracker" performed by the Minnesota Ballet and Monroe's Christmas show.
But tonight is the event I've been looking forward to for a year:


At:Bentlyville 2006 013.JPG

Ive never seen Elfis, but I absolutely LOVE Bentleyville! Even if Elfis is bad, it's gonna be a good time.

WHERE: Bentleyville
WHEN:6-8 p.m.

Drop me a line if you want to meet up.

Wishing All A Wonderful Holiday

solstice PDD.jpg

More politicing!

John Edwards
Score: 50
Stem-Cell Research
Health Care
Social Security
Line-Item Veto
Death Penalty

-- Take the Quiz! --

I've been an Edwards supporter since he ran for Vice-President with John Kerry. Then I had the pleasure of meeting John Edwards when he helped me escape the mad rally at UMD and my estimation of him grew. And I think he's the guy to run this country. And this quiz just confirmed it, as scientific as it is! :)

(Interestingly enough, I took the MPR version of this quiz and scored the same!)

Who's your candidate?

(sorry about the crazy html crap going on.. the table didn't want to do what I wanted it to do so I had to rig it a bit.)

A.A. Bondy

Music by this guy, A. A. Bondy sounds pretty good to me.. Just got his album "American Hearts" on itunes. there's some songs at


and some live songs on youtube. nice.

December 21, 2007



If you have the time, I would love to hear your experience(s)
with this get-you-in-the-car-and-out-the-door-honeymoon-ends dealer.

Christmas "101"


Chew on THIS

An oldie but goodie. Merry X-mas

December 20, 2007

Duluth- like, totally the new laguna beach

a little footage from _______ _________ near duluth to nullify the bonheads on the news recently. the 07-08 is upon us. thanks d-boys.

Just Curious.

Funniest Seinfeld moment


This is the link to what I think is the funniest Seinfeld moment ever. I am not quite sure how to get the actual video to appear on the site so bear with me It is the one with Mr. Bookman, the library cop grilling Jerry about a book and doing one of the finest acting jobs ever. I saw it the other night and spit the tea I was drinking out to keep it from coming out my nose. I welcome all challanges.

The Roast of Hippie Dick

homegrown limo ride 153.jpg
Shakey Ray Records hosts the 50th (yeah right) birthday and roast of Duluth artist (and my BBF) and underworld commander, Hippie Dick. Tickets are $15 with food shelf donation. Dinner is included. 8pm. 21+ (strong adult language-this is a roast, so consider yourself warned.
Pizza Luce, 11 E. Superior St.

Tonight at Starfire Lounge


The release of Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Starfire's Mix.

Thursday, Dec. 20 | 9 p.m.
Burrito Union, 1332 E. Fourth St., Duluth
The event is free; the disc costs $8



Is there a better way to honor Duluth’s preeminent music event than by letting its founder select the sounds that made it great in the first place?

Well, let’s hope not; because the dudes over at Homegrown Music Festival are about to release “Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Starfire’s Mix.”

I know what you’re thinking: There are at least 50 top-notch local compilations — but, you have my word, this is one for the ages. In fact, this is the ultimate overview of the Twin Ports scene on the market. Aside from the meandering/slightly obnoxious opener, I Am the Slow Dancing Umbrella’s 11-minute-plus opus “Origami Whisky and Something,” there isn’t much in the way of “filler” on this essential “Duluth Scene for Dummies” mix tape.

Though the flow is sometimes disjunctive — Amy Abts’ fragile “Number 7” following the Dames’ hard-charging “Taiwan” (aka the greatest hard rock song of all time) and the Black-eyed Snakes’ equally exhilarating “Rise Up!”? — the variety of songs more than makes up for such a petty complaint.

While there are noticeable gaps in the lineup (nothing from Marc Gartman’s three terrific groups?), the best songwriters Duluth has to offer are here: Alan Sparhawk and Tony Bennett both get two slots, Charlie Parr rolls on with newbie “Just Like Today” and Mark Lindquist is represented with Giljunko’s “Mohawks.”

Which brings me to my second nitpicky qualm: Had track selection been up to me, I would’ve certainly replaced “Mohawks” with “Sunnyside Estates,” Giljunko’s true shining hour. It’s more representative of the group’s uncanny sense of humor — and the unmatched quality of Lindquist’s ensuing solo/Little Black Books career.

Nevertheless, as an added bonus, some of our fair city’s lesser-known acts (outside of the Northland, that is) also get some action: Jamie Ness rocks the “Blue Collar,” Mary Bue dazzles with “Red Dirt Trails” and, coming in somewhere between Atmosphere and Ween, Crew Jones proves with “Banjones” that “hip-hop from Duluth” isn’t just a punchline.

Last, but certainly not least, is the curator’s very own composition, “I Like it in Duluth” (recorded during his Father Hennepin days).

If you’re compiling Duluth’s greatest hits, you know you can’t get far without that track — and that’s something that certainly wasn’t lost on its author.

December 19, 2007

Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Now is the time that the sale starts. Buy any 2 PDD Holiday T's and get 1 for FREE!

If you can't make my regular hours just give me a call, I live real close.


perfectdayduluth - Andrew Saur.jpg


You might need some egg nog with a kick after these!

Here is a pair of videos loosely tied to the holiday season. The first is only for the liberal rump runners, and the second only for those who can handle seeing grace jones and pee-wee together at once.



December 18, 2007

An End to Temperance in Lakeside, Or Perhaps Not.

I read today that the city council passed a resolution by a vote of 6-3 on Monday asking the Legislature to vote to rescind the 1887 annexation agreement that prohibits alcohol sales in Lakeside--which would then apparently bounce the issue back to the council for a final decision.

I note, too, that Mayor Bergson apparently intends to veto said resolution, citing the "promise that was made many years ago [120 years, to be exact] to the citizens of New London." He cites as well the fact that the great majority of correspondence that he has received on the issue from concerned Lakeside residents has been opposed to the potential opening of alcohol sales.

“It’s their neighborhood,” he said. “Who am I or anybody else to tell Lakeside what their neighborhood should be like?
Since I, at least, would welcome alcohol sales in Lakeside, I took the opportunity to let him know that. Although the fact that the yeas' six votes would be enough to override any potential veto in the waning days of everyone's terms, I have the feeling that this issue may be around for a bit. So if you live down in Lakeside you may want to weigh in, if just to correct the record.

I think the alcohol sales ban is an odd relic of the 19th century, and so do most people I know--why some subset of our neighbors remains so attached to it is something on which I'm unclear. If one of you is out there in the great beyond, perhaps you could enlighten me.

You think you're the slickest operator in Duluth


But being the slickest operator in Duluth is kind of like being the world's tallest midget if you ask me.

Check out the Leatherheads trailer.

December 17, 2007

This is the post in which we shall ...

... complain about movies which had great potential and yet have failed.

I just got Clockers, directed by Spike Lee, from NetFlix. I got this because I read Richard Price's novel and thought it was great.

However, this movie sucks. I cannot fathom how this is possible.

Canal Park - Magic Evening Light

Midnight Sun is CLOSED!

What happened to Midnight Sun? I thought they were doing really well?!?


Any rumors out there?


We're 21,608th... we're 21,608th... PDD... PDD...

Yea - internet!

(Caution!: This link leads to a really big web page with a statistical breakdown of weblog interactivity, or some such nonsense. Also, PDD is 21,608th in alphabetical order.)



Jello Shots, Music, Friends, Art and Lumpy Claus.

Thanks to all who made it to the 6th annual Monroe Holiday Art Show.

A slideshow can be viewed on Flickr.

December 16, 2007

Scenes from a mall.

I think he wants to shake your hand.Something ain't right with these two.
And something really ain't right with lil' Pip here.Sleigh ride.
Oh my god--I love, love, love that they're still using the same Christmas decorations at the Mariner Mall that they had up when I was an impressionable little kid, 20+ years ago. Man, these bring back memories. Rummaging through the overpriced clearance bins at Kay-B-Toys...watching my big brother throwing his money away at Aladdin's Castle...throwing my money away on bric-a-brac at Prange Way...all because my parents were too scared to drive over the "big bridge" to the mall in Duluth.

Ah, those were the days.

35th Birthday Rally in Spirit Valley

Bad Weather?

Overheard on In the Loop in regards to winter bicycling, "There's no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothing."

December 15, 2007

PROVE ANDREW OLSEN WRONG and come out to this show at RT Quinlan's TONIGHT

It's a sad fact of our modern times. RT Quinlan's used to be the single best place to go for some music and some drinks. For whatever reasons, they've decided to cut out the live music almost entirely over the past few years, much to the chagrin of all of us old codgers who have fond memories of doing bad things up in the "green room." It is now a much more rare occurrence, but when RT's does decide to switch on the juice and crank out the rock, I feel it's the duty of every patriotic rocker and booze hound in the north country to come out and fuckin' rock.

Now I obviously have a vested interest in getting people to this show. But let it be known that it's not because I'm getting paid. I'm not. No one is. This is a benefit for the Toys for Tots foundation. You know, those guys that give toys to kids who don't have any. I also want people to show up and have a great time out with their friends, because that guy Andrew Olsen is a douchelord. I know it's not his fault. He has to sell ads, and the only way to do that is to move papers, and the Reader isn't going to move based on the quality of its content alone. I know he doesn't really mean all the negative garbage he's forced to write about how the local music scene is worthless, uncreative and boring. It's just fuel to get people like me talking about the Reader. Mission accomplished.

Nevertheless, it's damaging to the spirit of our town. Since there aren't any other local rags that can compete with the sheer mass of the Reader, one has to assume that visitors to our area will look at it as a faithful representation of our area. That is why we, as music loving citizens and right minded people who love our area, must go out to the one place in town that still knows what it means to play a fucking rock and roll show.

That place is RT Quinlan's.


RT Quinlan's - Duluth
$5 at the door or BRING A NEW TOY


I highly recommend that you go out to Chris Monroe's Holiday Art Show and Party at Starfire's place, then stumble on over to Quinlan's to get much more drunk and rocked.

Thank you.

(See, I can get attention by calling people names too!)

Signing books

Y Page350px.jpg

Thanks to everybody who stopped by the Luce Art Show Thursday. If you're still lookin' for last minute gifts, we're signing books this weekend. Both "My Favorite Places and "My Favorite Sounds
At Northern Lights Books & Gifts on Saturday, December 15, from noon to 1 p.m.
or The Bookstore at Fitger’s on Sunday, December 16, from noon to 2 p.m.

Go figure.

Arrowhead Auto Body courtesy car.

It's hard to imagine how this person wound up having to drop a car off at the body shop.
[For the record, we were there first.]

December 14, 2007

Super Secret Show UNVEILED!!

What a view! I am writing this from a certain hotel lobby, home to a certain rotating restaurant, where a certain band (okay, Haus Meeting) is rounding out the guerilla part of its 2007 Full Haus Tour, with a show in the totally radical (and cozy!) pool area at 9pm. Don't like your hair freezing? You don't have to swim to enjoy the show, but its encouraged. You don't even have to bring any cream corn, but you might regret it. It'd be super swell to see everyone there. Oh yeah... SHHHHHHHH! It's a secret. So is the fact that we have a room here (#914, if anyone asks).

"I'll have the Italian lutefisk please."


Can someone give me a push?


Dude, I'm really stuck.

Rump Made for Running

Rump Made for Running.jpg

Here is my nomination for the design for "Duluth Rump Runners" t-shirt--what better mascot to have than a dinosaur wearing camo that could outrrun T Rex? The photo is from this week's Weekly Guardian summary that I just received in the mail--covers the hadrosaur mummy recently discovered with skin and muscles intact--and it definitively proves that Rumps Made for Running are effective evolutionary tools for survival.

My favorite quotation from the article:
"Dakota's [that's the cute nickname they've given the mummy] fossilised rump gave them [those nutty scientists] more data to go on and they estimated that it could have done 45 km/h. 'That's faster than the T rex, but that doesn't surprise us. Bill put it eloquently, 'T Rex is just running for its dinner. This animal was running for its life,' he said."

Here's a link to the on-line article, but it doesn't have the same, absolutely relevant headline:


I'm no artist, so I can't do the design, but I nominate old "Dakota" as the official rump running mascot!

Camera Advice?


Hello camera savvy people out there. I am in the market for a new digital camera and am not sure what to get. I have a budget of about $250 and don't mind spending it. I like to take pictures of my family, my pets, and people in general. I am one who takes my camera with me everywhere, especially hiking and snowshoeing to take the nature photos. I am not a professional photographer or anything but I think their are some cool photo's on here and would like to try to get somewhere like that. I see their are a few photography folks on here so any suggestions.

ROCK FOR THE TOTS on DuluthBudgeteer.com

"I had a great childhood, and I just want everybody in the Northland to have the same type of Christmas I had when I was younger,” said Local M’s Craig Rhode Jr. “That’s why we are doing this show in the first place, to try to make some child’s Christmas fun and exciting.”

Come on out and see some music this Saturday night!

RT Quinlan's
$5, or even better, bring a NEW toy!

Professor Hefner
The Surfactants
Jealous Jester

more to say

there is this thing happening out there

December 13, 2007


I would like to thank everybody who responded to my inquiery. about a palce for my dauther to stay. Up on Glenwood Thank you Unforturnity due to a clerical e---- She has an oblication to meet . I guess another chemisty class .I wonder for all the Dad's out there, I wonder about alot of things. But Thank you

it's Cold and Flu season


Meet George Kessler @ GLA tonight!



“George Said It Would Be Like This”:
Weather Patterns of Lake Superior
George Kessler,
Meteorologist and Local TV Personality

Thursday, December 13th, @ 6:30 pm
Great Lakes Aquarium
(*General Public – $3; GLA members – free)

Staying home is the new travelling

"If I could turn back time..." I would (and I would post this a week ago).

Haus Meeting is wrapping up a week-long "tour" of Duluth, which included such venues as:
The Mall, Mr. Movies, the Holiday Center, R.T.'s, and the Reef, with a show at Beaner's tonight.
Show's at 8, with opening band Red Mountain (who?)(They're new, and eXtremely cute!).
The show is FREE, although the tour's goal of raising money and/or food for the CHUM foodshelf
has been reached in a mediocre way, at best.
Who says nobody wants to eat those canned yams in the boondocks of your cupboard!?
Also, we would love to sell some tour t-shirts (thanks Starfire!!) and cd's and give the proceeds
to the foodshelf. Check out the video (from Mr. Movies on Monday), then come see the real thing tonight!!
And bring a box of mac & cheese!!

Jane Austen on PBS


Sunday, Jan. 13 at 8 p.m.: Persuasion
Sunday, Jan. 20 at 8 p.m.: Northanger Abbey
Sunday, Jan. 27 at 8 p.m.: Mansfield Park
Others air in February.

Homegrown Compilation CD Available Dec. 20


The Homegrown Music Festival's first compilation CD will be released next week.

“Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Starfire’s Mix” is a collection of 15 songs by Duluth-area bands that have played Homegrown during its first nine years. The tracks were selected by Scott “Starfire” Lunt, who founded the festival in 1999.

A release party will be held on Thursday, Dec. 20, at 9 p.m., during the weekly Starfire Lounge session at the Burrito Union, 1332 E. Fourth St. in Duluth. Copies of the CD will be available for $8; admission to the event is free.

These are the tracks on the album:

01. I Am The Slow Dancing Umbrella | "Origami Whisky and Something"
02. Black-eyed Snakes | "Rise Up!"
03. The Dames | "Taiwan"
04. Amy Abts | "Number 7"
05. Charlie Parr | "Just Like Today"
06. Crew Jones | "Banjones"
07. Father Hennepin | "I Like It In Duluth"
08. Cars & Trucks | "I've Been Wondering"
09. Giljunko | "Mohawks"
10. Jamie Ness | "Blue Collar"
11. Jerree Small | "Mile and Mile"
12. Tangier 57 | "Intermission #4: Olives Bombay"
13. Mary Bue | "Red Dirt Trails"
14. Low | "Starfire"
15. Bone Appetit | "Drive Away"



Cyndi Lauper | She Bop
Beck | Sexx Laws
Gene Simmons | I'm the Firestarter
Golden Earring | When the Lady Smiles

"I'm an anger swallower, and I want to fly."

December 12, 2007

if you don't like this movie there's really something wrong with you

For those with DJ Abilities

This entry is twofold, so please bear with me:

A) Audiophiles, I need your help! I have some vinyl-only tracks I would like in a digital format ... have you had any luck with those record players that hook right up to your computer? I saw one at Best Buy for $130, but I'm wondering if it's worth it. Any advice would be much appreciated.

B) Speaking of "DJ abilities," does anyone have any hard-to-find releases featuring appearances by DJ Abilities (that they might be able to part with)? I'm particularly looking for his solo disc, E&A vinyl and the promo mix he did for El-P's "Fantastic Damage." Will pay or trade!


Ike Turner

Anyone looking for a two bedroom apartment? I got one.

I need some cool tenants pronto!
-To fill my;
Tenth avenued, Wi-Fied, laundried, wood floored, dining roomed and back yard fire pitted apartment.

$650 plus heat and electric
(lease, references, damage deposit)
leave me a message at 218-428-2492


My dear Duluth friends,
It is that time of year when everyone is compiling their "best of" lists (so we can all talk about how awesome Black Lips are and how they're not just The Kinks for a generation who can't remember The Kinks). And, we have even broached the subject here at PDD. But, loyal citizens, as a holiday gift to yours truly, I ask you to put forth a different list. A list of the greatest UNDER APPRECIATED records of the last 15 years or so. (You know, not OK Computer and the like, but records you think everyone should own but may have slipped under their radar). I've been seeking out new music lately, but there seems to be a common aesthetic going on right now in fashion and music that I just cannot stand. Mostly because it sucks. And so, I turn to the past and to your good tastes. I shall proffer my list to get things started:

Firewater - Get Off The Cross, We Need The Wood For The Fire (Cop Shoot Cop + Soul Coughing + The Jesus Lizard = Awesome)
Heatmiser - Cop And Speeder (or any Heatmiser for that matter. If you are going to start a band with guitars, drums and bass, this should be your benchmark)
Mitchell Froom - Dopamine (One of the great producers of our day puts together an amazing sounding, eclectic grab bag of songs featuring many fantastic artists {and Sheryl Crow})
Folk Implosion - One Part Lullaby (My go-to road trip CD. Anywhere, any weather. Great songs, great lyrics. What pop could be if it tried harder.)
Replicants - Replicants (The greatest covers record of all time. Look it up.)
Mono- One Step More And You Die (This is the diamond which formed under your stacks of Mogwai and Sigur Ros records.)
Skeleton Key - Obtanium (This band bangs on so much shit it makes Stomp sound like John Cage)
Stina Nordenstam - This Is Stina Nordenstam (This tiny Nordic songstress could make you cry even if she wasn't produced by Tchad Blake)
Foil - Spread It All Around (Scottish Pop-Punk to scratch that itch)
Page France - Hello, Dear Wind (Yes, they're tiny songs about Jesus, but damn they're catchy)
The Verve - A Storm In Heaven (Before that "Bittersweet Symphony" Nike commercial bullshit, this band put out one of the best stoner records ever, but only the Brits seemed to notice)
Eleven - Eleven (Some of the songs where the girl sings are unlistenable, but the rest is amazing. Alain Johannes is a guitar guru and Jack Irons on drums. C'mon)

That's a solid dozen I stand behind entirely. I look forward to some of my favorite records I don't know exist yet.

Apres Monroe, Perhaps?


December 11, 2007

something smells...

like sour milk at duluth's st. mary's hospital.

sure it might LOOK like a newborn, but as you can see in these photos, the baby i was given at st. mary's was clearly stamped 'may 07', which means that they gave me an EXPIRED baby.

don't let it happen to you.-if you go to st. mary's for a baby, check the expiration date immediately.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



Calling All Rump Runners!


This guy has a degree


As of today, Jason Cork is a college graduate.

For those of you who don't know Cork, he once bailed out on a semester of college -- right before finals -- to fly to Duluth and not miss the Homegrown Music Festival.

God's Son and Fully Posable


With the Talking Jesus Action Figures flying off the shelves so quick, someone needs to get all Cacophony Society and switch out the voice chips with talking Kiss Army action figures... or Talking Ann Coulter Dolls. Or maybe just take out the chips and tell them Jesus is silent because he only speaks to his true believers.


My understand is Jesus is (F'ing) Metal, BTW.



Found a couple galleries of historic photos and recent aerial photographs during a random search.

December 10, 2007

Bock bock


the homegrown chicken needs to get behind this:

Urban Chickens Fly Under Duluth's Radar.

secret chickens even have their own website.

December 09, 2007

Why not go for the real thing?



Art Show at Luce


Paintings, drawings, screenprints and anything else I can finish up before Thursday.
Opening Thursday, December 13th 7-9 pm, Pizza Luce.
The extravaganza runs through January 8th.

More info?

December 08, 2007

kudos to paul and the rest of the dorky committee

the new geekprom site looks awesome.


A group of us are having a book sale this afternoon at Amazing Grace, down in Canal Park. There'll be tons of new and used books for sale at rock-bottom prices. Lots of children's books too, as my daughter has cleaned out her bookshelves in preparation for Santa's visit with more books at Christmas. So, Amazing Grace, 2-5 pm, be there or be square.

The Nietzsche Family Circus

nfc.jpgMayday, you reminded me of this site that the Professor pointed out to me back in June. It randomly pairs a Family Circus panel with a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche. Of course, hilarity ensues.

Not all of the pairings are great. Some are just creepy. But you can always refresh the page to get a new comic.

the first rule...


Found this on the interwebs by accident. Thought I'd share. Good morning, Duluth.
My hatred of Dennis the Menace and my love of David Fincher, together at last.

December 07, 2007

DANNY DOES DULUTH...Episode 2 already!!!

Episode 2 already? Yes, it's true. Please enjoy the second episode of the new, but already award-winning podcast that's changing the way Duluth thinks.

On this episode:

-Danny's Opening Salvo: "Whatever happened to shame?"


-WDIO: Everyone hates the city planning office

-Northland Newscenter: Young, nubile professionals

-Northland Newscenter: The Salvation Army's lack of green

-Ashley plays a clip of Ray Schow's Ray Comes Alive

-Closing remarks


The Red Show

Tonight at Starfire's is the Duluth Photographers Guild's Red Show. 5p to 8p. Bill Reichelt and Jerree Small will provide music, there will be food and drink and lots of cool photos.

Diorama-rama 3!!!

Hey everyone, I wanted to give you some warning of that the Diorama-rama is happening again on Jan 26th at Emerson Tenants Co-op...In case you don't know what this is, it's a collective art show of dioramas open to submissions from anyone! Just thought I'd send the date out so there's plenty of time to get out your glue guns!


Welcome to episode 1 of the journey that is DANNY DOES DULUTH! This episode was recorded a couple of weeks ago, so it may sound a bit dated. Please forgive that (and the general sloppiness--it is a podcast after all). Also, as an added treat Episode 2 will likely be posted later in the day!

On this episode:

-Danny's Opening Salvo: "Why I'm Doing This Fake Radio Show"

-Danny introduces his fake co-host, Ashley

-Northland Newscenter: Safety when you ski

-Northland Newscenter: The zoo's looking for paw-outs

-WDIO: The Case of the Missing Diamond

-Exclusive interview with Mayor-For-Life Herb Bergson

-Ashley plays clips from Lew Latto Live

-Closing remarks


Death + Sex + Keeping Track of Dates = Fun


A calendar for funeral directors proves that death can be sexy too!

December 06, 2007



In light of all the recent snow activity and the ongoing "fued" with the DCB, I think we have no choice but to challange them to a snowball fight. We will need a time and place but it would put an end to the ongoing fued once and for all, whatyall think?

i heart florrie fisher!

watch all 3 episodes. it's worth it.

DANNY DOES DULUTH...in 24 hours.

DANNY DOES DULUTH HAS ARRIVED...sort of. We will be posting the first episode tomorrow, but put up a preview/warning today. Check it out:


Anyone using Pandora?

Is anyone using Pandora? If so do you have a station that you are sharing?
I myself have just made stations from artists (Todd Snider, Tom Russell, Mike Doughty, Golden Smog) which works pretty well for me.

December 05, 2007


chalking in l.a., nobody chalks in l.a.

that's because they chalk in the twin cities and now duluth can chalk too. the geo chalker will be in the zenith city. woops, sorry, in december it's christmas city (wonderful city). regardless, it will be in duluth on saturday for a wedding at the depot and on sunday morning having breakfast somewhere. perhaps chester creek cafe. get your chalk on and don't let it leave with an empty slate. with all of the snow, it's pretty much clean right now.

Anyone else think Clarice is hot?

I mean she's got those gorgeous doe eyes...dear me!

Nostalgic psp game!


always fun to see the incredible machine back in action. And its nice to see some cool ways to use the domino effect again.

am I too late?

while not exactly my fave, it's way way...WAY up there...

December 04, 2007

Remember Vicki Gowler?


This might interest some of you because Vicki Gowler is quoted in it. She is the former editor of the Duluth News Tribune who left to become editor of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Now she's the editor of the Idaho Statesman, and making national news with continuing coverage of the Sen. Craig arrest.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...


It's a good day for a jumpsuit, folks! (thanks, Baci, as always for the fashion tips!)

hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps ...


It is just too hard to focus on work as I look over my shoulder and see Canal Park cloaked in snow!

I need to know Duluthians ... where are the best sledding hills in Duluth?

What are some gnarly sledding incidents?
Can you really enjoy a night of sledding without hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps?

When I was a pup in school here ... um 11 years ago, we used to go to some park to do jumps on our snowboards near Central Entrance and Lake Ave. Some kid I was with landed a jump so crazy he broke a bone and shat himself... aahhh youth.

renters needed!

3 bedroom duplex for 900/month +utilities
close to UMD campus
free laundry
on/off street parking
close to 13 and 6 buslines
lots of windows

starting january 1st.

if interested email me at [email protected].

whats a rumprunner?

Doublerumpracerweb.jpgAfter all this talk of rump runners I thought I'd do a web search and guess what PDD'ers have been accused by the icky blog of being cute norwegian sleds. I found this website

Rump Runner (Double) A TRADITIONAL NORWEGIAN RUMP RUNNER. Traditionally made in Lillehammer in Norway since the dawn of time. Still used by the Children of Lillehammer to go to school. MADE IN NORWEGIAN PINE and beautifully decorated.

I chose the double rump runner as a example cuz it aint fun to solo rump run.

Now this begs a few observations:

1. Made in Lillehammer. The poster from DCB must have knowledge of this place. Perhaps the poster, or his kin, are from Lillehammer or "Small Hammer".

2. Since the posts on DCB are approved by someone, we can assume that their kind holiday thoughts come from the site operators. In return, to place on the seasonal table, I offer Ben Dover our huge yule log. Please accept our warmest holiday wishes.

Sacred Heart Presents - Simple Gifts

SimpleGifts with Special Guest Keri Noble - Holiday
Sunday, December 9, 2007
7:00 pm
$20/day of show
limited tickets for children 12 and under are available at the door for $10/each

A special evening of holiday music. SimpleGifts plays original arrangements of timeless holiday melodies using acoustic instruments and voice. Lush celtic low whistle, piano, melodica and percussion blend with the signature sound of internationally acclaimed acoustic guitarist Billy McLaughlin. The Twin Cities-based group formed in 2002 and has played throughout the Upper Midwest in concert halls, churches and cathedrals. The quartet includes Carin Vagle, Jeni-Lyn Starr and Billy Oehrlein. Singer/pianist Keri Noble will also take the stage - she'll be accompanied by Jeff Arundel on the guitar.

Let Us Talk of Happy Things


So, my special ladyfriend and I are getting married in fair Duluth this summer. We are both locals at heart, but have been living in the Pacific Northwest for the better part of two years. This makes for bad location scouting. And so, I put this before you, dear readers: Where can our friends and family make merry and dance the night away? (We're not looking into hotel ballrooms and the like). We're hoping to get hitched on the point and would like to find an atypical setting for the drinking and getting weird. Have any of you ever done the Park Point Beach House thing? Is there a really cool abandoned airplane hanger on the outskirts of town I'm unaware of? Any of you have a sturdy barn you or your animals won't be using in early August? Any guidance will be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

December 03, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a Geeky Christmas...

I'm not much of a Christmas-type person (my Halloween tree is 4 feet tall, my Christmas tree is 1 foot tall and was only there to appease my ex). But holy crap would I love to have these geeky ornaments on my tree!

Recycled circuit boards and CD ornaments available from Nigel's Eco Store.

Also tempting: recycled Grolsch goblets to toast the new year!
(They look rather Baccian, don't you think?)

alternative sustainibility

Anyway i can't get my comment to work after printing pdd amillion times so DDD she's hotter then your going to see. Maybe you should talk about this.

St Petersburg high School , Florida goes solar.
Quaker oats Company goes solar in Columbia
Roth and Roth German based solar cell manufuturing hot on india. So far 1.4 million solar photovoltaic systems installed .
Norways Electrict cars starteing production.

Why have none of the canidates in the past election talked about what sustainability is? Why is this not an issue? Wind Turbines come in from Spain to North Dakota and they come back to Duluth from North Dakota to Spain. But not a single person from anywhere on either side knows what a Tessla Roadster is, much less the implications of this technology. We have patternmakers and welders .We have all that is needed here in Duluth to make windmills. This would be a karmic plus for Duluth. There are many reasons I dote on this. I'm not sure , but if you look out there I would say it,s on more of a downhill slde then uphill. If we stay addicted to oil some will go to the front. Another reason. I like windmills. And I know this is way to far fecthed. Rice Lake dump. Methane, wind and solar. Such a absurb idea. What would keep young people in a community. Do any of them like a green city. Do any of them know what photosynthesis is . How does that relate to Boulavard rain gardens? How does that relate to the orgainic gardeners in our area. George Oshawa said you eat what grows in your area But anyway DDD she's really hot

house seeker

My daughter is coming to town and going to school at UMD this January. She needs to find a place to rent. She's a country whippersnacker . Never lived in the big city . You 've seen those barrel races , some of the riders pull back on the reins, when she see's the corner she dives into it . She has an understanding of global Warming and many of the other ramifications of what's happening today. SHe told me she wanted a place that she could study. I would interpet that as that's what she needs, to do what she want's to do. She has a cowboy. She is paying her own way, coming in as a junior. She told me she had a goal , So I would interpet that as : being that she's a country girl , so we need to find her a place where she has internet access and has to chop wood and maybe she can have one of her horses . Now that the fantsy . She's going to do this herself, She gave me permission to ask about . She has no idea of rental prices , has got about 400 a month ,She's looking at a place on 3rd and third .Is that good.

This is War?

PDD -vs- DCB?


Thought I'd throw this one on the fire. Personally, I think the Little Black Books went back in time and possessed R.E.M.. And it was awesome.

Dick Roast Tickets on Sale Thursday, November 6th


MSN list of top 10 Outdoor Cities


Although Duluth didn't make it ... our friends in Ely did.

Beautiful snowstorm

Maybe I think this is cool because my son and daughter made it after the snow this weekend, but I hope you enjoy.


Affordable prints, get something for Christmas!!!

Live music:
Jerree Small &
(possible) Bill Reichelt

Edgeways Productions LLC for further, detailed info,

December 02, 2007

yes...another cover

ok. another cover song. i heard this on the Current the other day and it's ranking as one of my top cover songs of all time (that pj harvey/bjork one is also on my list, though blind melon's school house rock cover song is the top).

It's baaack...


At the risk of being catty, it looks like a middle school dropout redesigned the page.... but at least you can clearly see who it's "brought to you by..."

It's also nice to know that they haven't changed one little bit during their hiatus. It's almost... comforting... yeah, that's it. Comforting.

Spirit of the Times


A beautiful day for snowboarding. This is a picture from yesterday. The demographic seemed mostly young snowboarders. I was happy to get on the slopes saturday. There were 3 runs open and 2 lifts. I just wish Spirit mountain would have said their passes are $184 and not $179 with a 5 dollar processing fee. What is the point. Does it sound that much cheaper?

Alas. Snow is so damn nice. Let's all revel in it.

Little to propose repeal of 300-foot rental rule

It looks like there might be some hope... On Monday Little is going to propose that the City repeal the 300 foot rule on rentals. Please come and show your support of Little and this unconstitutional law! I know that many people are upset that college kids party, but this law hurts the entire city and everyone's property values. The Council needs to work to find a solution to the problem, not a "feel good" law doesn't adress the issue. Check out the article here.

I am going to the meeting and speaking up, hopefully some of you out there can make it too.

Another cover: Mat Weddle's "Hey Ya"

He goofs up, but starts again at 1:07.
NOTE: I posted this before I watched that horrible Celine Dion thing, and now I'd just like to make it clear that I'm presenting this cover as one I like.

December 01, 2007

This is what we call "Meatloaf on a Bun"

anchor6.jpg"One of the best places we've been in years," is how Jane and Michael Stern described the Anchor Bar on the Splendid Table today.

"A tattoo does not necessarily mean one is unkind," is one of my favorite quotes from the review.

RealAudio Link

On the catwalk...


A Note About Christmas Cards

ChristmasCard.JPG ChristmasKid.JPG
Left: Good Christmas card. Right: Bad Christmas card.

Dear friends of mine who have children and are sending me a Christmas Card,

I agree that your child is cute, but when you don't include yourself in the photo I feel let down. I love how stupid you look. It makes my whole Christmas.

It is cruel to deprive me of the hearty laugh I should be having at your expense. Christmas is not the time of year to flaunt how adorable your child is. It's time to announce what a square, grown-up dweeb you are. Put on that awful sweater and make my month. Christmas is a time of giving, damn it.

Seasons greetings,

tivo schmeevo

i was just given access to the beta of hulu.com and i must say it rocks. fox, nbc, sci-fi and others have their tv shows on it plus a few movies. all free. including BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!!!! i don't know if this means they'll put up the new episodes of BSG when they come out, but that's months away. they have all the new eps of the good nbc shows though (office, 30 rock) and new eps of simpsons and family guy. hundreds of snl clips too

quality is pretty good. it's a flash player like youtube, but at a higher resolution. you can even embed. this is worse than having netflix's watch instantly feature.

snl just doesn't push the envelope like it used to.

How a cover should be done

PJ Harvey and Bjork, Satisfaction - kewego
PJ Harvey and Bjork, Satisfaction - kewego

Since we where subjected to a bad Stones cover I thought I'd share my favorite Stones cover.