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You Spin Me Round.


Does she spin clockwise, counter-clockwise, or both? An explanation can be found here.

Me? I saw the clockwise spinning girl.


that just made me insane for about 15 minutes. but now i can see both.

You should have embedded this also. I don't know how otherwise I would have:


i can't, for the life of me, get her to spin counter-clockwise. help.

It was actually really easy for me to switch from one to the other. If I concentrate on her head, she spins counterclockwise. If I concentrate on the shadow, she spins clockwise. I think that means I am insane.

Oh yeah, I meant to give yo hell about this when I saw you tonight Starfire, forgot I guess. It helps if you are tired, she switches direction more easily.

Saw this a few weeks ago and on first viewing I was positive there was NO WAY she could spin any way but clockwise. A day later she was spinning clockwise and all of a sudden switched directions.

My son posted this on his blog this summer and we had a lot of fun discussing why we insist on making three dimensional objects out of two dimensional objects. Is it learned or does the brain do it automatically?

I find staring at the feet and blinking rapidly helps me make it switch direction.

nice tits!

wow. today, she goes either way on cue.
i just scrubbed the bathroom with bleach, so the chemical haze either boosted my left brain function, or killed my right.

Goddamnit! First she was going anti-clockwise, and now she's going clockwise.

I guess the really important thing here is she's naked...

Since I had crossed eyes when I was born, and had it corrected kinda late ( 4 & 5 years old), I never developed the ability to see with both of my eyes at the same time. (Quel Geeky!)

Supposedly some people with this quirk cannot see in 3-D at all http://www.newyorker.com/archive/2006/06/19/060619fa_fact_sacks ("Stero Sue" in the New Yorker) so anyway I have a terrible time with some optical illusions. (Not to mention, falling down stairs a lot.)

For instance, I can't see the 3-D image in those stare-at-the-picture-until-an-image-develops things. So I figured once I saw the girl endlessly spinning clockwise, that would be it. But once I looked at her shadow, she went counter clockwise, and I had to close my eyes for her to start going the default way.

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