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Where and How?

So I know that it is fairly sad that I have lived in Duluth for 25 years and am just now finding the whole "Duluth Scene" so this may be a captain obvious question. Where does one find a PDD sticker or t-shirt? I saw a sticker on someones car the other day and have seen a t-shirt out and about but haven't asked where they got them. I am going to California over Christmas and would love to rock a PDD shirt out there.


Tee-shirts you talk to Starfire, I don't know if he has any in stock or not right now, give him a ring and find out. For Stickers you talk to me. They are $1 apiece, 3 for $2.50. If you want them mailed .50 postage and bother fee, if you work/live or at a central location (downtownish) or in the woodland area something usually can be arranged for a drop off as I pass by a few times a week. edgeways-at-gma il(dot)c o m for futher sticker info. (if it was a green honda that was prob my car btw)

If it was a silver Volvo wagon, that was mine!

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