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WakeUp Walmart!

Hi folks,
One of the parts of my new job at UFCW Local #1116 is to coordinate the WakeUpWalmart campaign. Now, I'm not going to inundate the blog with stuff, but I did get some really neat posters for windows/lawns that represent the current campaign against the Wal-Mart and China joint venture. I have them available for anyone who would like them. They are stylized in the manner of the Chinese flag: red with 4 yellow stars and a frowny Wal-Mart face in place of the sickle. Leave me a comment here with contact info if you'd like one!

If anyone would like more information, you can contact me at tjones at ufcw1116 dot org.

Let's see if I get the eye on this post or if I'm still a lowly star... woo!


Tamara - I have been an anti-Walmart proponent for many, many years. I would be happy to stand-strong against the evil giant with you!

- samh [at] samh [dot] net

I know one person who just moved up the ladder at Walmart and starting wage while training is 19 bucks an hour. They'll probably earn every penny but we sure need those jobs around here. I know other people who could not make their house payments were it not for walmart. Menards sure sells a lot of China crap. I shop at both Menards and Walmart.

Everybody sells crap made in China. I really hate Wal-mart for many reasons, but #1 becaue they practice censorship in deciding what crap to sell in their stores, i.e. books and music. Some years ago, they even refused to sell a t-shirt which displayed Margaret from Dennis the Menace proclaiming "Someday a woman will be president!"

Congrats on the new job, Tamara.

If I don't have to see some idiot in a Dennis the Menace shirt I am all for it. Not everyone can afford to shop at the Co-op.

Just FYI -- there is no sickle on the Chinese flag. There are four little stars and one big star.

not everyone can afford to shop at the co-op, but we don't have to shop at Wal Mart...besides, the two miles out of our way it takes to get there kinda eats up the three cents I save on diapers.

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