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Triumphant Return of the DCB


Hold on to your butt's gang, it looks like the old eagle may fly again. Hope everybody can remeber their 7 or so screen names and start the ruckus all over again. Something tells me there are some sore losers in this town.


Hmmm. I guess I was wrong. There IS a god.

Size those photos, people. 500px wide maximum.

DNT story with linky goodness.

It seems the DNT site is filling the void for at least some of the past DCB regulars.

i don't know, barrett. i sort of liked it better when it read "Duluth Citezer
Exercising Free".

And remember to hold on to your butt's gang!

My butt's gang?

Listen: if my ass had a posse, do you think I'd always have to bring the gun show?

What gun show?? [/flex] This gun show.

There has to be a way to identify the owners of such blogs.


Addy, Edward
[email protected]

Northern Visual Services
P.O. Box 174
Aurora, Minnesota 55705
(218) 229-2887

Northern Visual is a web development firm, which I suppose was hired by whoever actually owns the DCB (they're not listed among Northern Visual's clients, but Connect Duluth, which originally ran the DCB, is).

Personally, I'd like to know the actual names of all the people who posted on it. That would be far more interesting.

Not that I would actually do this, but a totally unscrupulus person may just notify all those other fine upstanding non controversial customers of Northern Visual just who they are Web-mates with. I wonder who else they are hosting that they are less then proud about.

Anyone know who owns Northern Visual?

I love that they designed the Fayal Township website:

Mainly because the address for Fayal is Eveleth and I love incongruity!

I tried to contact them but their contact page is not working.

I would like to see the DCB come back an really allow free speech. They allowed nothing close to that and I doubt that will change.

Well, they allowed free speech insofar as it agreed wtih their viewpoint! :)

Whose got two thumbs and is eagerly anticipating the return of the DCB?

This gal.

Oh goody! Ben and his twenty sock puppets are coming back. I wonder if the level of discourse will rise above the gutter now. I really doubt this management change. I would bet anything that there was and still is a Connect Duluth connection.

Actually, Ezra and I have bandied about several possible moderator/owner names... and in light of the recent City Council election and the abrupt shutdown of the site, it only stands to reason that quite possibly one of the newly elected councilors had a bit to do with the DCB...

I've tried to find a connection between Northern Visual Services and Bob Hansen's business, Superior Computer. I thought that I'd heard that allegedly the owner of Northern Visual is his brother. That would be the connection.

You should try harder.

The bottom of Superior Computer's web site says, "This website designed and maintained by Northern Visual Services." All three web sites were registered by the same person and are pointing to the same DNS.


funny, he doesn't *look* like a Republican... ;)

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