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Top Five Dives

The nights are bitter cold. The sun is setting at 4:30pm. People are posting on PDD about ladies’ winter jackets. All of this can only mean one thing -- the beginning of the drinking season is upon us, folks. And to help get us all ready on this Friday, I’d like to ask one question:

What are your Top 5 Twin Ports dives?

You can have your Carmody Irish Pub, your Fitger’s Brewhouse, your so-called Loochay, with all their hipster posing and their frou-frou beers. It’s time to get down to some serious drinking. Where do you go? And don’t tell me you go to the Kozy, because let's face it, you don’t.

Here’s mine.

1. The North Pole
2. Hero’s (formerly the Pioneer … their apostrophe, not mine)
3. The Rustic
4. Curly’s
5. Mama’s

Answer in the comments below, or, post your more elaborate stories above.


Note #1: The photo accompanying this post is a Poloroid I stole off a bulletin board at Mama's Bar many years ago.

Note #2: It was the first photo ever posted on PDD, back in 2003.

Note #3: Holy crap! I finally earned my "eye"!

Well, I went to Jim's Fall Inn Tavern in the deeps of Woodland last night; that qualifies, though it wasn't all that divey with no blue pall of cigarette smoke.

Jim Hall is hosting an Open Mic at the Kozy Bar mondays from 7 to 10 it's pretty fun

the most hilarious post on PDD i've seen.

oh, the terribleness of loo-chay.

I'm pretty much only a brewhouse gal, but can you really blame me?

Favorite Dives:
1. Back of the Anchor
2. Front of the Anchor
3. Bar at the Anchor
4. The Anchor
5. I can only think of 4

In no order.

1. The Breeze Inn

2. The Anchor

3. R.T. Quinlans

4. The Viking

5. Billy's

Good times to be had at all of the locations. I cna't say I frequent them often but they are fun to joke about.

Mel, you forgot the Men's Room at the Anchor and the Women's Room at the Anchor.

I'm with Mel on this one. Besides, it's been like two days since we've talked about the Anchor here on PDD. : P

Burn's Bar, baby.

I've never even heard of most of these places! I'm a fern bar kind of girl, it's my California upbringing. Unfortunately no fern bars for 100s of miles around. I really love the bar at Green Mill, I like to sit at a window table and look outside as I drink. Hate the restaurant section, though. Does that count?

i was drinking $1 tap pints at the other place in woodland last night. bowled 2 games for $6.

#5 The Roundup

#4 The Reef

#3 Who's bar (Just because me and Cork were able to play the whole Appetite for Destruction album"

#2 The Belknap Lounge

#1 Charlie Browns (Wednsdays is the Beer Buffet, which is all you can drink tap beer for 5 bucks from 6-9)

Cork, dont even reply to this, your list is the same as mine.

I am going to have to say that Lundgren nailed it. The Anchor may be this blogs bar of choice but it doesn't get any diveier than Burn's Bar

if were mentioning charlie browns what about the all-day everyday domestic deals at jimmy's saloon?

I love the Belknap (which I consider to be quite swanky) for their cheap juke box and delicious White Russians. I love the Viking for the 32 oz monstronsities and the creepy pervert with the hook. He adds to the ambiance.

Speaking of Billy's, did you know that Billy's Bar has a blog? Try saying that 10 times fast.

. .
. . .

5. Anchor. No bar list is complete without it.

4. Sneaky Pete's (County HWY E)

3. La Belle

2. Roundup (1/2 block from home!)

1. Burns. No contest, mainly because a few years back, someone got stabbed there with a pitch-fork.

. . .
. .

i heard that the Twins is the new Red Lion.

ironic1 - oh, i didn't really forget them...I just can't get SERVED in them (not that I know of at least). And I wouldn't exactly feel safe having my food in drinks in there. *cringe* which I suppose just adds to the diviness.

Hey Tomasz - awesome use of puncuation as decoration. FIGHT THE MAN!

5.Charlie Browns
4.Palace Bar
3.The Loading Zone
2.Who's Bar
1.The Capri ( you can't beat the $3 pitchers of Pabst and Grain Belt)
By the way, the Anchor sucks. It only exists for duluthians and tourists. No one in Suptown even goes there but it always seems to rate high in the dive bar polls. There are over 90 other dive bars in douglas county that are way better. Like their burgers at the Anchor? Try one at Who's or the Hacienda South. Makes the Anchor burger taste like a white castle that was left under the seat of your car for a week!

5. The Palace
4. Curly's- the strong possibility of getting stabbed and my getting ripped off in a drug deal years ago secure their spot
3. The Anchor
2. The Viking-the strong drinks are legendary. I had a friend order a gin and tonic, and he says I know you are known for making em strong but can you just make mine a regular. The bartender just glares at him and says don't tell me how to do my job and proceeds to mix it 4/5 full of gin.
1. Corbin's Bar- nothing better than getting outside the city limits to fuel drunken debauchery.

oddly enough...jim's fall inn was the last bar i was at...a friend's wedding reception...had a couple beers there in the morning while we dropped off the wedding cake...the waitress even let us drive her car to falk's for table covers so we didn't have to haul the cake...very nice of her...anyway...i miss the cove...there will never be anything like it

Save the Suburbs at the Cove (the only time I was there) and Beej Chaney spent part of the time chomping down on a big pineapple, the stalk was sticking out of his mouth in between singing.

Also saw the Replacements stagger through a gig at the Warehouse. Good times.

oooooh. i forgot about la belle. i once went there and some dying dude was having his b-party. they wheeled him in a hospital bed and he partied in said bed with all his friends and family including a dog running around the joint. the women folk scared me.

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