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To whom it may concern

I almost killed you when I tried to change lanes in the tunnels on 35 today. I think I recognized you but couldn't be sure. Regardless, I'm really very sorry.

I drive a green van, but please don't hunt me down.

If I can do anything to make this right (if its still bothering you), or you just bitch at me, send me an email. Sorry.



The driver to whom you're apologizing has probably nearly killed someone else sometime, as we all have. (Don't deny it, people! Everyone gets boneheaded behind the wheel. That's an inherent problem with mechanical devices that move along at 60 mph.) The twisty I-35 tunnel itself seems a recipe for disaster.

Thanks farglebargle.

I think it was the look middle finger shaking and vein popping in the forehead that made it stick.

Just don't be talking on a frigging cell phone while driving, and I'll forgive almost anything.
PS-- that wasn't me you almost killed today, though I am known for shaking my fist at other drivers and cursing them when they do boneheaded things behind the wheel.
I repeat, don't talk on a cell and drive!

Now it sounds like the other driver is a road-rage asswipe who should apologize to you.
Not having been there, I can only guess you tried to switch lanes when the other car was coming up behind you and was in your blind spot, not visible in your sideview mirrors. For some reason auto manufacturers have yet to fix that design flaw. They've tried with curved mirrors and "objects are closer than they appear" mirrors (made famous in "Jurassic Park"), but those can create more confusion that they solve.
In driver's ed I was taught to glance over my shoulder before switching lanes, but then of course you risk plowing head on into something.

There's a reason that they taught you that in Driver's Ed. It is your responsibility to make sure you can safely enter a lane before entering it. If you cannot glance back and make sure no one is "coming up" without the risk of plowing into the vehicle in front of you, you are following too close. Dave's responsibility is to determine his part in the near collision and resolve to eliminate any contributing behavior from his driving routine.
Happy motoring!

You sound like my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Notman. And I happen to know, Mrs. Notman, that you are a lousy driver yourself. I once saw you pealing recklessly out of the faculty parking lot.

I knew you ungrateful brats wouldn't amount to anything.Good Luck reaching 30.

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